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A group for questions, thoughts, and experiences about the relationship between: symbol, meaning, language, thinking, and consciousness.

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The goal of this endeavor is to facilitate clarity and understanding in our own minds and enhance our ability to communicate meaningfully and effectively, especially as relates to matters spiritual and metaphysical.  

The method is by dialog and sharing of anything related to the themes define above.

There is one key book of recommended reading:  Insights for the Age of Aquarius by Gina Cerminara

I think this is the most important book of its kind and likely unique.  It was done as a Quest edition but there are also non TS editions.  It expounds the relation between language, thinking, spirituality, and the way any world view takes shape in our minds and in our communication.  If you think, you may need this book.  If you talk and want clarity, you may need it. If you want to get at the essence of things and understand some really vital things about how language and illusion work on a practical level, I highly recommend it.

Where to buy; its cheap; copies start at $1.:

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How will you understand the language of the teacher?

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Word meaning--sacred and exoteric

Started by James Davis. Last reply by Paul lee James Aug 22, 2013. 21 Replies

In esoteric studies there is the concept of the sacred word.  In mythology we have "Open Sesame," English translation of "Open Simsim," the magic words Ali Baba used to open the cave of treasure in…Continue

Multiple-choice Meditative Semantics: Faith

Started by James Davis. Last reply by Paul lee James Jun 28, 2013. 8 Replies

Faith is:a.    an emotional tendency to lean on nothing, believing it to be something. b.    verification by the heartc.    wishful thinking used to cover a multitude of sinsd.    knowledge that is…Continue

Chakra Semantics

Started by James Davis. Last reply by Jessica R. Huffmeyer Jun 1, 2013. 2 Replies


The Lost Tomb of Jesus and its symbol?

Started by PuzzleSolver. Last reply by PuzzleSolver May 5, 2013. 16 Replies

I recently watch a documentary from the Discovery Channel called The Lost Tomb of Jesus. In the documentary they claim to have found the lost tomb where Jesus and his family members were buried.Well…Continue

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Comment by Paul lee James on July 25, 2013 at 9:48pm


 I think i see your point. I never realized oral words have sound. I took it for granted.

"Esoterically, pure energy or "words/s" reside in consciousness.  Spiritual knowledge can be communicated directly from one individual to another without the use of conventional language or symbols and without the need for interpretation."

True indeed. But what about the written word or words? There are no sounds there? Paul


Comment by Paul lee James on July 24, 2013 at 6:58pm

Word as pure energy? You have me there? The bible is written with words conveyng spiritual meanings. The consciousness resides in the mind. The spirit can be conscious as well within the body. What constitues pure energy? Paul

Comment by Paul lee James on July 24, 2013 at 4:17pm

To me words are symbols. The words have definitions are meanings and can be used different ways to be understood or interpreted according to the writers style of writing. I will never understand why the reader interprets the writers piece instead of trusting the writers editing.

I do not encapsulate any hidden message within a word but the core word itself. I do understand why the ancients did but not in today's world. What can be learned or gained by mysteries? The word truth is a ambiguous word drawing the reader into a complex-ed problem. Cannot words bring knowledge understanding and wisdom within themselves? Paul

Comment by Hari Menon on October 24, 2012 at 11:17am

Dear Tracy ,

          I am so very sorry - just to clarify matters - the "Guide'' in my reply had nothing to do with any spiritual or metaphysical guides or masters - It was a tourist guide who accompanied me from the hotel I was staying in Cairo and it was his narrative that I wrote !!. I should have been more explicit in - moresoever in a forum like this where it would be mistaken for an ''ally'' or master etc. I do regret the error . Just by way of narration - he was quite disapproving that  as a hindu we had idol worship and that too in innumerable numbers and he never missed an opportunity to drive home the point that we were idolators ''but not the Ancient Egyptians'' as they were part of an evolving history of their nation and much better things were achieved by following Islam , maybe because I was not as analytical in my questions as normally westerners are ! He was not aware that I knew Arabic pretty well, a fact which I had not disclosed to him and he did make some comments to some other guides we met met at Abu Simbel that he was accompanying a ''Donkey from Hindustan" !!! (Al Hind was the term he  used for me) !!!. 

Comment by Hari Menon on October 24, 2012 at 3:39am

Dear Tracy ,

     Possibly so - in Egyptian mythology there was a high level of Anthropomorphism involved , the rulers were assumed to have belonged to have directly descended from the Sun , and some rulers had (as per my guides narration ) another deity who was a god and there were two thrones to a king and he ruled as a divine entity who was born from one throne (by lineage) and the other throne was assumed to be occupied by the ''God King'' and the king was attuned to him and so all his duties were discharged so - and the gods were transported in a very opulent manner at all kinds of festivities and solistices . I did enquire so what exactly the representations meant were they depictions of a particular god or the king himself - he did I suspect give me a me a more modern interpretation which seemed at that time very logical but looking back more an outcome of both our conditionings _ his explanation was that God was so great that he cannot be represented in stone or carvings - so all the representations were of the Kings and queens proper - but shown as ''God like''. I sometimes wonder whether a heavy dose of latter day Islam might have influenced him - yet it still makes sense to me - from an antiquarians view maybe not . I remember him pointing out some elongated items on the representations and saying that they were the original trumpets and trumpets had been an egyptian bequest to the world. Yes I do tend to agree with you all in all it was dream sequence and time did seem extended even then . I think this ages of extended time notions do seep into the ethos of a country - Greece,Egypt India  all have some strange notions of time and ways of working which would drive any Westerner up a wall . I am not however aware of the iconography or details which you refer to . 


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