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Apparently, I don't get the cartoon.

Yes, I get that X marks the spot: meaning that bliss, joy and happiness can only come from within.

Happiness is from without or at least this is what this idiot thinks; however, he questions where his joy and bliss will come from.  That is what I am not getting out of this.  Or is he asking himself what the hell is everybody talking about?  He is of course in business clothing indicating he would not know spirituality if it came out of the sky and landed on him.

Is the fact that his hands are in his pocket and the fact that he is standing still an indication that he is inactive: he is not doing anything himself to achieve what he wants.  Is he waiting for someone to come along and spoon feed spirituality to him?  If so, this guy is in a world of hurt.  It reminds me of what my father use to say "he is cruising for a bruising".

This cartoon man seems to stand in emptiness asking himself  Why can I not find joy?  Why can't I see bliss?  Why am I attached to the outside materials that give me a false sense of happiness

Perhaps his hands are in his pockets to show his status of both being economically and self enslaved.  This misunderstanding seems to be stressing him out. He is clearly paying to much attention to the donut and missing out on the salad. 

Poor cartoon guy is lost in a confusing world that must have swallowed him up and now he can't find anything to fulfill himself. 


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