How to Stop Worrying About What Everyone Thinks of You

Here is an article that I ran into that has a great message. . . But in terms of a sine wave, is there an escape from fear if there is no awareness of strangeness? Fear and anxiety controls masses at large. Perhaps suggestion and gesture of the two vices could possibly be the pulsation life which subjugates collective consciousness thus setting lower vibes. What messages is that frequency sending to the subconscious? Is there fear in giving up fear?


When you stop fearing the world and move into a space of peace with..., you are free to be yourself in boundless joy and love.  And when you do that, the world heals.  The world expands and rejoices.  So learn to shift from an external focus, to an internal perspective of love.- Truth





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Good article! This is similar to, if not the same as, cognitive therapy. It works well.

Since each individual works out their own responses to fears and anxieties it is really not applicable to mass fears and anxieties.

I didn't see a reference to sine waves anywhere. What cycle are you actually addressing. I got lost.

Sine waves was not mentioned in the article. At the time was thought occurred. Perhaps I was putting too much thought into it and was babbling.

well... my babbling can be rather difficult to beat :)



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