Theosophy is no longer just in TS published books but is finding form, and I think increasingly will, in motion pictures and videos.  A lot of so called "science fiction" and "fantasy" is threaded through with basic teachings of Theosophy.  Theosophy is being given out again via a world-wide psychic thought exchange in which book writers, script writers, and graphic artists are participants.  Some of these "mediums" are unconscious of what they are doing yet do it quite well.  Others are partly, conscious, having read a little in esoteric writings.  Are there any fully conscious ones who know exactly what they are doing and why?

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When you get to the issue of "mediums" - conscious or unconscious- there are going to be a lot of varied opinions. However, it is upto the reader to discount all claims appropriately and use some common sense and come to their own conclusion.

Some time ago, early in the morning a family - man, wife and two children were walking along the sidewalk of main street in their birth attire and when a police officer stopped and asked them politely, the calm reply was that God commanded them to do what they were doing. The police officer did not argue with them. The family really believed in what they said. Of course the police officer politely talked them to get in to the patrol car and took them to the police station.

So let wait for all the claims we may hear about various Adepts and Gurus very busy providing spiritual lessons through the self claimed mediums.


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