The fact that Nature behaves primarily as a self organizing entity has been mainstream science for decades. As Nature and the Above are in a relational congruence, it is high time for the theosophists to finally bury the philosophical spell(s) containing the fallacy-meme "As we organize Below, so must Above" (my quotes). It is time for a BIG dose of Mental Freedom.

The "Crutch" of a Religious Hierarchy denies mankind, i.e. each human, their rightful responsibility for each and every person on the planet, welfare of the planet, and duty to work daily for the benefit of all life.

Do we now choose to accept the challenge of the human life? or rather insist another organization more powerful than we is actively in the lead?

Self-organizing entities are the Miracles in Life, Science, Nature and the Universe.  (NOT a Hierarchy of Hierophants; NOT a Heterarchy of Hierophants). Individual entities, doing their individual tasks.

Some people may deny this. To them - I say    

"it's 10:00pm. Do you know where your protein is folding?"


(following from wikipedia Self-organization Self-organization_in_biology  )

The following is an incomplete list of the diverse phenomena which have been described as self-organizing in biology.

  1. spontaneous folding of proteins and other biomacromolecules
  2. formation of lipid bilayer membranes
  3. homeostasis (the self-maintaining nature of systems from the cell to the whole organism)
  4. pattern formation and morphogenesis, or how the living organism develops and grows. See also embryology.
  5. the coordination of human movement, e.g. seminal studies of bimanual coordination by Kelso
  6. the creation of structures by social animals, such as social insects (bees, ants, termites), and many mammals
  7. flocking behaviour (such as the formation of flocks by birds, schools of fish, etc.)
  8. the origin of life itself from self-organizing chemical systems, in the theories of hypercycles and autocatalytic networks
  9. the organization of Earth's biosphere in a way that is broadly conducive to life (according to the controversial Gaia hypothesis)

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 Hi, friends!!!

 Well, of course I'm denying this ;-) ... it may be 10:00 pm in your whereabouts, if I take a look at the watch I might read the time where I am, but why?

 ... and I don't count any protein as being "mine"... why should I? 

 ... is any protein the responsible of anything I might write?

 ... what a curious belief!!!

  ... well, I respect it, because my own religious prejudices may seem uncanny too. I am planning a crusade against the misuse of capital letters... death to misused capital letters!!!

.... but, wait a moment, have they ever been alive? ... maybe death is not a solution...

 John, I think I wish more than you the death of imagined Religious-like Hierarchies with big capital letters that deny people their rightful responsability, but this idea seems to be really seductive and people keep on defending or attacking it. Attack is a form of attachment.  

 Quite boresome!!!

  John, when you use the word "miracle" you are defending what is a true miracle for you. I am sorry, but I cannot assume you realize that in this moment you're equal to someone defending the miraculous nature of the Q'uran, for example... and then saying that the Q'uran is better than the Bible. On the first part I agree, but not on the second.

  ... natural hierarchy is not an organisation at all, it is a family. Of course, I don't see this website as an "organisation" but as a family engaged in brotherhood.

 The way to realize true hierarchy is exactly to choose to accept the challenge of human life. Persistence in this effort has its effect, just like any effort. Religion is one of the paths in human life. The study of proteins is another. None is above the other. Religion can be a form of escapism, but objective sciences too. 

  ..... and, is the "Philosophical Spell" a metaphor, or the description of something that happens in subtle matter?





Believe in the Hierarchy if you want. However you see it as in manifest.  Maybe it's the grand source of spiritual illumination for you.

I see it as a handicap to one's personal growth and theosophical pursuits. It has no purpose in this century.

However, It is a good sales device for an organization selling the one certified Secret Occult Science. 

"10pm" explanation:

"it is 10pm, do you know where your child is?" was a popularized slogan in the US --  Basically a "pro-family" movement, to assure that Parents maintained the natural hierarchy of the Family Unit. It soon created bumper stickers for cars such as "it's 10pm, do you know where your cat is?" etc. A rather USA national joke. 

just fyi

 Thanks, I didn't understand the joke ;-)

 Again, I repeat: I don't believe. If I have not seen, I don't believe I have seen. If I have seen, I don't need to believe.

 I say it again, too: capital letters create misunderstanding, give a false sense of grandeur.

 Well, I see objective science as a handicap to one's personal growth and theosophical pursuits. I needed to disbelieve in it to start thinking properly. The question of the soul is beyond objective science.

 ... anything sold or belonging to any organization cannot be science... science needs free dialogue as one of its basic requisites.



Ferran, you consider your opinion as yours but not the proteins. Why?

 hahahaha :-)

 Well, according to mainstream science proteins are the same ones in every body, they fold and unfold, are being made and destroyed, a part of the metabolism of the body that works on its own, without me thinking on it at all.

 Opinions are quite different, I have to think in my opinions!!!  ... so, as a part of the game, I count them as mine, they don't move by themselves ;-) 

Dear John ,

          Form comes from the formless , every child born is formless at first in the womb - form is a gradual concept  of the Infinite. A tree contained in a seed is also formless - its precise form keeps changing . 

This self organizing does not pertain to biology or any other science (it being only a word ). The self organizing is a manifestation of Knowledge / Intelligence of the Infinite . Human beings have a very big handicap in that we have been given the intellect - now since the intellect is there we can understand a thing only through evidences or proofs or things that are a result of proof. For us non existent things comprise of  things of which there is no evidence or is not an "object''.

The question is how to overcome this handicap before generalizing or laying rules whether it be of Ethics, Science,Philosophy .Warfare ,Logic etc. Because a very serious problem underlies this handicap of Intellect (which animals do not have , nor even insects or fishes or birds) . Since you have evidence of certain objects in your house of which I may not be aware of and vise versa - We end up fighting as to what is true or who is lying - whereas the truth is the infinite laughs at us both are right , both are speaking the truth yet both are completely ignorant . How can we surmount this passion for the craving of knowledge - yet tied down to the faulty intellect ? . Scientists are hitting against the Brain - the brain is not the intellect - The intellect is acquired knowledge yet strangely true . It is a divine comedy to find man the crown jewel in all of creation reduced to such a pathetic state by the infinite who has played havoc by endowing reason to him!!!. We cannot discount anything else that may be lurking of what we are not yet aware of and handed out so blithely by the Infinite and nature puts up a show by perverting it . There is no organization , no biossphere, no hypothesis - how will you excise out the faulty instrument ? This is the question that has occupied people of substance 

Thanks! Very interesting link!


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