The year 2012 is upon us and once the celebrations are over, it will be time to get back to work. Some feel the Age of the Aquarius will establish itself during this year. Others have predicted doomsday scenario. We have no way of knowing definitely one way or the other.

What we do know is what each one of us wants in the year 2012. Please put up your own wish list here. It will help each one of us to know what others want in the year 2012. Also during the later part of the year it could serve as a reminder to see how far we have traveled in terms of fulfilment of those wishes.

There is no limitation on the number of wishes one may have but shorter lists may have a greater chance of fulfilment.

Thank You!

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My own wishlist for the year 2012:

1. Establishment of a legally binding Carbon Emission Treaty amongst all countries based on per capita carbon emission.

2. Emergence of the final contours of the New Economy.

3. Inclusion of basics of Spiritual Principles in the school curriculum in all countries.

Hello Everyone!

I want to take a moment and wish to All, a Happy Holiday Season and a Great New Year!  Blessings and Peace + - :)

This topic is  wonderful idea, Capt. Anad! It make me think and feel deep insight, looking for the right answers. Last year I had a one wish - to find my soul purpose in this lifetime. This is probably the most complicated and confusing question, and I was trying to find the answer for, most of my life. After I did,  for all this time  I had no other wishes, except to be that person, who I am now and spiritually grow to my full potentials, within the Light, dedicated to  The World Peace.

Today I am asking God, please,  to give me some health, to be strong enough physically and in my mind, to prepare for anything  the Universe will bring ahead in time. I wish to maintain enough concentration, to protect myself from the daily impact of the negative sources and it reflections. 

 I lost pretty much interest in material things, but if the God will send me something "extra" this year, I will travel around the world, places that I am always want to go. India is number 1 on this list.

And of course, speaking as theosophist: my highest interest in research of esoteric cosmology, I wish and truly believe that metaphysics will deliver some of the answers for the world future, and will become official and unbeatable  proof for the scientific world, I want to be here when metaphysics become like the other "physics" - a part of one science - Mathematics.

I feel the Peace within me, the Universal Love and the Light The Light spills the darkness. That is all I wish for the New Year, 2012.

God Bless, and the Best Peace to All :)


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