It would seem psychologically the shooter is getting their revenge for being emotionally hurt at some point in their life. Someone has mentally or physically hurt them and they have to get revenge. It seems natural for humans to seek revenge when hurt emotionally or physically. 

One person stated he killed his two daughters to get back at his wife. Another proven mentally unbalanced seems to be living his revenge by creating his own illusion from a movie called Batman, believing he was the joker.

In retrospect I believe these peoples family are at fault because they all knew their family member was different/labeled and kept a low profile for being embarrassed by the family member. Please explain why the brother of the shooters was enstranged from his brother?

Those who have mental health issues create extreme emotional issues on there families, I know I am one of these people. I lived with guilt and extreme embarrassment for years. There is a extreme issue with mental health in this country, it's the people who are in charge of these facilities and the families of the patients. Paul

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The problem is as you have stated - I will be a bit more blunt - Parents do not know what their children are doing. Everyone is dense , imagine a situation where a parent is surprised that his child has turned out bad and his friends and teachers also express surprise that the perp did not manifest any aberrant  symptoms previously. Every one assumes everything is as they think , people are more superficial these days . Some critical values which were considered necessary in previous times are missing . Prudence,Commonsense and a sense of responsibility are missing. Education is no more education , it no longer ensures that a decent human being will be the result. Glitz and Glamor and Power and Pelf and strong arm tactics are the order of the day . Audio Visual media has sunk to such low levels , unheard of in the history of human evolution . The young marrying younger without any values - the erosion of self control when it is required coupled with discrimination to a very high level . Promiscuity of ideas and thought leading to a crass intellect which takes everything as real and true, failure to think as human beings and reliance on ones own faculties and instead accepting anything on the web as knowledge . Lack of Ideals , and indiscrimination in having idols as guiding principles in life . Failure to accept the sanctity of a family life , beds are better than breakfasts these days . Pride in disavowing god and other sublime values. 

Nature taking revenge maybe . Forget the poor and the old , it is the young and able bodied who are all doing this , nobody learns from life these days. To think of man(as contrasted with MAN) is to be steeped in misery and despair . One turns to philosophy after having ascertained and made sure that there is nothing good to be gained in the world other than abject and total misery and sorrow . The wheel of creation and how it works in harmony is not even enquired into , much less thought of , the modern man has nothing to pride himself as a superior creature , man is the one creature which spoils another species which comes into contact  . So low  , bestial and unclean in its habits and life . The apologists for man are the dreamers who wait for a new beginning , the idealists are the people who believe that modern man can be educated in values of any kind and so run around the world spreading messages . So easy to sweep unpalatable things under the guise of words, thoughts and concepts which are more illegitimate than the most evil of thoughts that can arise in man . False pride , horizontal thinking in man and absolutely enamoured of anything that goes by the word progress, life and living . When the Gods change , then man suffers , nature recoils . The one thing that can pray and evolve itself  - so debased and superficial in character . Searching for purpose in a totally purposeless way of life further made meaningless by the acute incredulity of the modern human intellect .  Man is has become lazy and of weak intellect - the outcome of its evolution of utilities for  reduction of effort , every single invention has resulted in a more than balanced appropriation of resources of the earth in the name of comfort for mankind. Senseless violence just because sense and sensibility is lacking , for want of proper thinking or direction in feeling, thought and action . Everyone is on a razors edge quick to take offence but slow to introspect . A man declares in his naivette "we must sleep early eat light and wake up early" he becomes a world leader , another says "we have lost family values" he becomes an acclaimed philosopher , another says 'Policticians are trash " and he becomes the new herald of an age of reason . The common intellect has become so crass that one has to bend down to lift it from the gutters of thought . Nobody has the right to live and be heard but oneself , yet we are a global village coming closer every second . Arts, Literature,Philosophy and all the sublime that man has ever achieved in previous times is today crass, commonplace, so little thought provoking or inspiring ,dry and cretinous. The "lists" of the Beautiful, Handsome, Moneyed,Well Dressed and the Powerful raises a smile of such contempt in a thinking man , that the nature of man is immediately known . Self control the crest jewel of reason and decency is lacking in every area of life . Rape and infringement is analyzed in terms of "the consensual", Marriage an institution defined priorly between two people of opposite genders are now prefixed with "same sex" .

Every orifice in a person is a receptacle for all kinds of waste material and it is called "love" , to be a housewife was a noble and worthy vocation in former times - today the shame is so attached that it is "home maker" - we gloss and put a veneer over everything conviniently avoiding looking into our own soul. Pre nupts between " to be life partners !, children snitching on their parents for caning them , and a society that is outraged that a parent tried to enforce discipline . 

Two people get together and happiness and peace is lost forever . Strife and divisive behaviour is the norm . Society - the mythological keeper of the keys to the opinion as to what or who is successful or a failure , beautiful or ugly - the Bazaar where the average mind goes for a refreshing dip in filth and garbage - and comes up rejuvenated for another cycle of Bacchanalia in the world till it is exhausted and again looks for more libation in low opinions for its future depradations.

Simple living and high thinking is looked down with contempt , Aristocracy of the mind is avoided - words are thrown up in one corner of the world and a whirlwind is created all over , and again and again the profusion of nonce words and ad hoc theories has stultified modern mans abilities. Rarely does man know that the iron in the soul takes time to manifest as rust - we only think of ourselves - and mouth  the  happiness of the next generation , a travesty in everything man does . What is unconscionable is that the "herd" which rejoices that God is not dead when a saint comes across once in awhile - which they take as further proof and vindication of their life style , as if sanction has been received and they need do nothing to evolve or become human beings - a sort of crucification of the Saint again and again . Not knowing the celestial machinery and not thanking that the efforts and pain and sufferings of the previous generations which resulted in the actualization of a potential through hardship .Consigning parents into poor homes and usurping their estates or making life so miserable that they would rather go and stay elsewhere amongst like .  Not knowing the effects of taking what is not ones , not knowing how a thing is to be received which cannot be valued but only by its effort and sweat and tears . People who become parents without even understanding the workings of the divine in such a relationship . Who do not and will not understand that all relationships are not the same in intent , effect and result and in its maintenance. Who never understand that as man came he can vanish and yet the affairs of the world will go on with or without him . Will not understand and be humble before a greater power and believe in its relation with man , but would rather sever ties and move away . Does not require proof or evidence for any dirt that is thrown his way just because he can see it , but requires proof that he exists and that existence exists . Weakness of a crippling nature if it is weakness in the intellect .

And still the bacchanalia goes on as man becomes weaker he raises himself like an alcoholic with a deadly hangover and again parties through the day , Not even caring to cogitate on when something good turns bad and why . It is with sorrow that one looks on the world and , we are so rooted in the body and senses that nothing else is true . If at all a man believes to the contrary he is an exception and considered a man whom life will pass him by . We learn to die , whereas the aim in life is to live . The wise man understands this and lives life - he never dies . Improbable many would say , weakness in character would be their reply- if at all they would speak . 

One man shoots many and cheats man made laws by killing himself - the celestial intent works in a very silent and unseen manner . We are tied in with the universe and the celestial as one with it , there is no way out yet we believe in things apart and outside of us without knowing its relation or our relation with it . Cause and Effect are king in our weak understanding whereas cause and effect is non existent within the very space we occupy , so obviously we are swimming against the universal tide . And so we will suffer , kind in kind . Man and man not animals , but we will also suffer for raping the earth and exploiting animals . It all adds up , weather belts will change , crop patterns will suffer, rain will fall in the seas where it is not required , wind will strike at places of human concentration , and nothing of these are due to CFC or Greenhouse Gases - any body who has seen the world from a spacecraft will easily tell you that man is so miniscule that alone he cannot destroy the earth . But he can make life impossible for himself . Everyone suffers . 

Words are very potent one cannot profess to a faith of peace and live violently - it is each individuals responsibilty to see the duplicity that he exercises within himself . Nature will behave accordingly and the lessons will be taught again and again - if not imbibed in a universal manner . There are ways and right attitudes to look at things - on cannot just look at everything as if it were - but rather- what it represents is to be understood and seen and known as universal . man will sometime pass away from the world - he is not eternal , this is the solace , evils too have their limits . Every country is culpable of appropriation and denial of the right to live of every other person . It all has a cascading effect within the cosmic idea . To eat , to drink, to ,walk , to talk , to hear, to feel, to run, to procreate, everything is a cosmic action and one is never alone or hidden. Animals have periods for mating and they go by it - man is the only animal who despite of the intelligence given cannot exercise self control in such matters  - animals have more self control. 

Paul dear - to meditate and think on ones real nature rather than try and unravel the superimposition of evil which man has so adeptly laid on the earth would be more beneficial. Of course thinking on the world is beneficial and universal but thinking on Man is a very sordid affair . People mix the world and man with each other - one must be able to "skim off'' the evil that man has superimposed on the world - then enjoy the divine world , bereft of all this rubbish .

What people will never understand is that God has an Idea how man should be and it is the same reflection of God himself , but man has alas other Ideas he chooses not to understand this and sees God according to his reflection of himself.So it will never match ... sublimity is looking at it as GOD INTENDED not as man ACTUALIZED HIMSELF . 

I believe that we are overlooking the demographics of Earth.  As our population increase ten folds, more and more psychological problems will ensue.  Survival of the fittest or the most adaptive species will prevail.  As to the problems or fiasco or chaos, they too shall increase ten folds.    


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