I have low self esteem because I hate pride and arrogance. I want to be equal to all without prejudice and bias. Where is it written one should be better than others? Have I discovered the epitome of humanity to love all without judging or bias? Can I be happy when others are happy and sad when they are sad and remain neutral to all philosophies? pljames/Paul

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 low self esteem is often the beginning of the path of learning true self-respect, which makes no difference between myself and yourself

If you have low self esteem due to any reason whatsoever then you are not yourself as you are living under a mistaken notion of identity as to who you are. So obviously if you are not yourself then you will not have equanimity and neither will you love anyone else and you will be happy and sad at the happiness of another and happy and sad at the sadness of another and you will be indifferent to all reasonable philosophies and be stuck in your own .I hope you hate pride and arrogance in yourself and not another . It is written here "One should always strive to be a better person then others in the heart and intellect'' - you cannot wait for everyone to catch up in this most magnificent bazaar of life when mostly everyone is pottering around the trinkets on display. Wishing you a very Happy prosperous and enlightened 2013.

Yes   Where *does* it say one should be better than the others ?

To love without bias or judgement is an idea whose time has come . I feel most folks would find this rather shocking

I like your thinking. and this is food for thought.

Thank you so much.


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