The Secret Doctrine and other books of ancient origin all discuss the evolution of humanity.  Whether it's the Bible, the Puranas or the various Buddhist cosmological writings, everyone seems to have some say on how we evolved.

However, it's kind of funny that, for whatever reason, outside of brief explanations of the Yugas in Hinduism that nothing really points to where we sit in the grand scheme of things.  It's almost like someone want us to know how the clock or the calendar has been set, but then turns right around and says "we're not going to tell you what day or time it is."


In the Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett, the point is made to Sinnett in Letter #23b (3rd Ed): "No doubt there was.  Egyptian and Aryan records and especially our Zodiacal tables furnish us with every proof of it besides our inner knowledge."

This, in my view, demonstrates quite clearly that the use of astrology in relation to the various cycles was a valid concept.  If this is true, then the implication is that we can use the same knowledge much in the same manner as Asimov uses the Prime Radiant in his Foundation Series to predict the general flow of the future.  Now, if there is any validity at all to any of this, then one can assume that even smaller cycles in our evolution can be discerned.

So, with that in mind, what time is it?

In my years of asking this question, I have run across no astrologer, save an old Theosophist in West Virginia, that virtually no one has heard of, who has dared to ask this question.  Not even Geoffrey Barborka, who in "The Divine Plan", who came ever so close in his examination of the cycles via the Hindu Yugas and other cycles, managed to link it to the one science/art that is widely used today.

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It's time to wake up!!! :-)
Hi, friends!!!
I agree with Roubini 's thought on the causes of financial crises. I am sorry, but I don't trust modern "science". When I'm in a dangerous mood (happens quite often) I say that it isn't even worth the name "science".
I have not studied astrology properly, but I think that the idea of the age of Aquarius is right.
Everyone have a nice day and a pleasant night!!!



I understand what you are asking, "What time is it"; however, modernity is not up to answering that question.  Your question can not be answered by knowing where we are in the cycle of the procession of the Equinoxes because careful thought can ascertain that.


Yet, years ago the first mathematical discovery I made was discovering a cycle in the first chapter of Genesis, which spanned to 1584 cycles, which I equated to the Tarot cards.  I divided 12 into 1584 and came up with 132 years for each Major Arcana Tarot Card.  Christ was crucified in 27AD and 1584 years from that would be 1611, which was the year of the King James Version of the Judeao Christian bible.  Truly man hung himself by translating the bible from Hebrew to a profane language.  I then went to each of the other Major Arcana Tarot card after that and realized that in sequence each card landed in the year that was appropriate to its symbolism.  Since 2008 we have been living in the TOWER CARD.  I predicted in 1983 that when that year came the world would be so change we would not recognize it.  I was going by the symbolism of the card where people were throwing themselves out the tower like in 911, but this is far more into the depths of darkness then 911.  Now the world is controlled by what George Orwell called BIG BROTHER.


But consider that those ancient sages that pinpointed the crucifixion of Christ at 27AD and put into motion the cycle of symbolism in the time it was suppose to be set, if you get my drift here, so that when the other Tarot Cards full of symbolic meaning met their time period they would both be in alignment with each.other.


Those sages had to know so much about symbolism so that they would recognize what Christ called "the signs of the times".


Consider the creation of the calendar by Julius Ceasar, whom barrow it from the first chapter of Genesis.  His Astrologers had to know when the Solstices and the Equinoxes would appear and they had to formulate the calendar so that the same dates each year would represent these phenomenologies.  Thus they knew what time it was.


Therefore, there has to be some kind of current running throughout time that allows for individuals to envisage these patterns and record them and set up systems so that others would eventually recognize them.

We are in the fourth round on the fourth globus of the earthchain.

Time is only counting in the duality.

The zodiak is given you a cycle and information what is the development of the humankind and races.Every zodiak bearing own possibilities and make an impression on the evolution.

We are know in the beginnind of the Kali yuga for this round.432.000 years is the kali yuga-and only ca 6000 we have 427.000 still to come. And circles inside the circles.All about the grow from the humankind.

All this is also explained in the Mahatma letters about times and chains and and and.


Om Patita

And by the way--the Bible and also the Qur'an only teach the forth round on the fourth globus of the earthcain.Because this is dense matter where we are know. Nothing from before. This is found in the vedic schriptures and aryan schripts.

Usually we are all coming from the ever to be unknown area-spirits and following the chains and falling from astral denser and denser into matter gingo in future again up to be astal beings again.

OM Patita

i dont know much on what you mean of these time cycles. ive read breifly on the helena blavatsky cycles. but i have something interestiong to speculate. i know the maya were fascinated with the galactic occurs only once every 26,000 years. so theres another big number. but the maya used it. and every alignment was supposed to end and begin a new age. is there anyway to use this to answer the question of what time is it?

Dear Joe ,

   I think you have to see it from the angle - where human beings as a species will no longer exist . It does not matter if the various cosmologies give fabulous figures , the question is in how much more time will we cease to exist - will we exist for the time already mankind has spent on earth , or for less or a more period . We only have indications to go by with , like the denuding of the resources of the earth, weather belts have changed quite considerably , the ease or susceptibility of vast populations of people into a maniac frenzy due to mass psychosis made more easier by the media, even agricultural communities are not immune to these mental suggestions, as also governments , the pressure of population on land , a significant increase in greed and covetousness by both corporates and countries , the greater violence in nature and its increasing frequency , the indiscriminate use of science blurring distinctions between the material and the mental leading to a loss of reason , the legislation and justification of prohibited actions,paranoia leading to free but policed states , indiscrimination in the intellect through wrong reason , more and more right minded people are being pushed to the status of fringe elements previously reserved for madmen and anarchists, perversion of all religions beyond recognition , the hardening of the mind and intellect making a mockery of knowledge - whole legions of scholars and failed scientists who live off pedalling old and discredited theories packaged in new and racy terms being elevated to the status of gods , the life span of a book written today is not much since rarely does it stand on its own - it leans heavily onto borrowings and pickings from numerous sources (theory dropping) and yet have people swearing by it just because they are weak in intellect , the rise of the physicaly superior but immensely weak human being of the intellect , having no idea how to cope with problems alone and with grit , but runs to find solace in support groups and revelling in wallowing in self pity and metaphysical consolation , without taking a hard look into the mirror of ones own soul , eveready to search for reasons away from oneself and blame others . More beggars are being born than at anytime in human history . The lesser known fact of karma is very simply verifiable - as a person has karma , his family has karma, the community with which he identifies has karma , the state with which he identifies has karma , the country has karma and the world has karma - and it follows an immutable law the law of the universe as regards coming and going . Human beings are at a strange junction in their history where it is the beginning of the twilight of the species and nobody is really bothered . Eventide or "the darkness before night"

(TI)me is an illusion. The first two letters make the symbol of pi. The mathmatical definitive of a circle/cycles circumference. The remaining two letters are M or matter and E or energy. Me the self. (Ti)me is perceptive state of movement/moment within the mind of the observer. Each "now" is a still shot on a projector cycled in the mind to create relivent stability within its self aware conceptial construct. Like the game chess. Chess is movments in spirals, the response is the mind spirals in movements. Wether awake or dreaming, the mind is all encompassing. Seperate states of harmonic reasoning.

Time is an illusion created within the mind to estabish progression of thought as the soul or spirit or essesnce gives way to organic experiance. Organic stability requires cyclic functionality within its lowered state of harmonic resonating inorder to produce perceptual animation and autonomy within the bonds of biological sensory. By doing so the bonds of biological sensory produce the desired effect of estabishment: motion.

Seperate states of harmonic reasoning:

The subconscious operates in perceptual "kairos"
The conscious operates in perceptual "Cronus"

divine stasis is a harmonic stasis.

Playing both keys at the same moment/movment.

The eternal instant is really all there is. Linier, cyclical and vortical thought direction (cognitive recall or precognition) is reliance on sensory found only in an autonomous state.

gravitational consecration of vortical thought. think of the rings of Saturn magnetic fields and its moons as photons.. Saturn itself a point of disposition. as all other planets reinforce boundaries of distance like leggs on a table... creating the sensation of such disposition as it is established in stability through the emotional experience/sense of "personality" . giving polarity to thought alignments. like the planets and the stars and the moons around them.

If your given to understaning by hine site. Looking at past expressions of thoughts written down in the perceptive form of "history" you are associating with planetary alingments or points of disposition relitive to the location presented in that moment/movement. Thought is a constant. History repeates itself as it associates similarities in gravitational consecration "divine making" vortical thought by decerning pattern alingments. Patern alingments = synchronization. Knowledge provides vectors of association to recongnise its certainty. Perception is bias as it establish itself in vectors of emotional sensory.

Desire is the estabishment of self though vectors created in emotional sensory to validate perceptions bias.


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