What is reality?

Magnifying rippleless intuitive thought, still in its movement within the divine current, unresistant, yet aware & receptive, the revealed reality being thus self evident is boundless because the self imposed boundaries of our ego are dissolved.

Integral to and inseparable from the Universe, the projection of our wholeness onto the physical plane, takes on the vehicle of the human body, which has two aspects; one connected to the Universe and the other to be used as an interface to interact with physical matter. The shock of immersion into chaotic duality after having been ensconced in staid singularity disorients our rippleless pristinity. Needing to engage at the physical level, we prioritise the lower and temporary vehicle aspect, the ego.

If we but balance the two aspects of our nature, the Universe aspect and the ego aspect, our interaction with matter on the physical plane is akin to an explorer visiting another planet. We know always that we are a visitor.

Living in balance, our visit to this planet is likely to be short. However, if we live in delusion that we are the ego, our stay here may be long.

This is reality. Revealed, as always, with divine assistance.

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