All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in our own mind.

-- Vivekananda

The hermetic Axiom:

As above so below, as below so above

So we have a possibility here that the bridge between "Above" and "Below" is Mind. The tool for us to see this from our physical state is an active Imagination, Imaginal Mind. In traditional Theosophy this is the key "tool" identified for use by theosophists to gain insight from observations of the below and then leading to understanding of the above. These are all part of the experience of the below. The Mind is also used in meditation, contemplation, prayer and other names for experiencing the "Above."

Just something to contemplate <G>. i.e.  another way to "contemplate" on the theosophical process itself.

(Scientific knowledge also comes from Mind it appears - not from "brain")

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You wrote:

>> So we have a possibility here that the bridge between "Above" and "Below" is Mind"

Likewise the discrimination of what is "Above" and/or "Below" is a formation of mind, as well as the subjective, compounded identity-form of the so called "discriminator," and the act or action of such "discriminating." These three are all mind born and co-depend. This can all be conveniently illustrated in an encoded symbolization like:  ( + . - )

All knowledge (i.e contents of consciousness, epistemological forms, Kantian categorizations, etc , i.e. all "objects of knowledge or "knowns" that ever were, are or will be ( i.e the "three times") are similarly mind born formations.

Individualization of mind is a natural phase or function of the universe. We just happen to call or label it "man" and impute or think of it conventionally as if it were inherently exisitent 'selfhood" separate and apart from the universe and from other individualizations.

It's a bit like assuming one manifest quanta or qualia of the universe is fundamentally, inherently, permanently or absolutely different from another.

( + . - )

( one . many )

(  .  )

(    )

Such perceptions have the potential to become obstructions or apparently so. Assumption of subjective self is fundamental ignorance that conditions every "thing" that it subsequently differentiates, perceives, cognizes, feels, does, or relatively evaluates or discriminates.

We impute conceptual labels upon all of these so called "different things" (i.e., different from "us") and by so doing define the subjective, interpretive world of "known", "knower' and "knowing."


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