Some years ago I occasionally attended a Christian Church that taught reincarnation.It held that the "I AM" of the Old Testament related to the inner dwelling spark in all things. Quite Eastern really, and they also paid great credence to the claim that reincarnation was a part of early Christianity before becoming anathema in round 500A.D. as it was seen to negate being saved by grace.

While many new age cults teach various forms of reincarnation I know of no other relatively main line church. 

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I love stories like that, and I personally would be inclined to think that I was being sent a message (if that had happened to me).  Similar things have happened, but not with a puff ball.  The part that always drives me crazy is figuring out what the message is!  LOL   I am lazy and would prefer that my messages be plain and to the point!  :-)    I am being somewhat facetious, but I do confess to a certain exasperated impatience when I notice a string of, shall we say, strange or interesting occurrences that seem to clamour for my attention. 

I do understand your vacillation, although I don't think I've ever truly subscribed to atheism.  I can say I have, at times, seriously wondered what the point to it all was.

Although I do not subscribe to the idea of reincarnation, probably most members do. Reincarnation is not a required belief in either the Theosophical Society nor Unity. Reincarnation is not a doctrine in Unity nor any Christian denomination yet that I know of.  I am a member of both the Theosophical Society and Unity, and Co-Masonry when I am able and can afford the dues where required.  I remain Mennonite as well and also have Jaina diksha as far as Ahimsa Dharma is practiced as "dynamic compassion" or non-injury. There probably are now persons in most denominations today who believe in reincarnation. This is a gradual change. There always have been some Christians who believed in reincarnation. Many who do not believe in reincarnation are accepting now of those who do. Personally, I consider individuality an illusion. We are all incarnations of the One Atman. We come from, remain and are reabsorbed back into It. Even that is maya; illusion. Only Brahman exists as satchitananda. Sivoham.


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