I found this on the Wikipedia page for the Anthroposophical Society. It is revealing, due to membership numbers, just how poorly the TS's are handling things. Last I heard, the TS's are about 25,000 members. That is roughly half as many members as in the Anthroposophical Society.

from Wikipedia [Anthroposophical Society] :

"As of 2013, the [Anthroposophical] Society has approximately 52,000 members. Formal branches of the Society have been established in 50 countries, and smaller groups are active in 50 further countries. About 10,000 institutions base their work on anthroposophy, including schools, farms, medical practices, and communities for the handicapped."

How many institutions base their work on Theosophy?

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Hi Dewald!

I've gotten confused what we are arguing about. Where do you see us disagreeing? I think I agree with much of what you have said. I guess I will get Rorty's best selling book " Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature."

I was complaining about Sheldrake's 10 Myth's of Science. I said nothing about Morphic fields etc.It is his theory, and he has a right to have his theory.

In any case - I must have stated my position poorly.



p.s. I do not have any knowledge of emended scripture by the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama also has said there is little difference between Buddhism and Christianity. Compassion and love are fundamental in both religions. It was an interesting statement.

Richard - Thanks for sharing the letter!

I think the capital "T" is a good approach.

Your tripartite work(s) seem interesting. You have taken on a difficult project. I wish you the best in this venture.

Ramadass should know how non-profits keep their tax-exempt status, and how to lose it. Of course, with Trump and Sessions in power, it is a hard call.

An aside: As I understand it, the 3 year limit for president, i.e.Tamil government law, is going to be appealed by TS/Adyar. We will post the court papers from India when, and if, that happens.

Peace -



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