I really like all religions that condone ahimsa as opposed to 'blood sacrifice,' but it seems hard to see what the source of religions is. It is often said there is a 'golden thread' connecting a succession or tree or graph of them together to their source.

I guess there are four possibilities: African, Sumeria, China/etc., or India. HPB in her writings gives a fair amount of reasonable evidence that India is where people lived for longest or it is the nearest civilization to where people lived right after the destruction of the Atlanteans and the beginning of Vaivasvatu's people.

However, contemporary historians think they have disproven the 'Aryan invasions' theory about India and think that Sumeria had older civilization. They also have plenty of good evidence for this. I forgot what some of HPBs evidence was and I suspect I may have just been younger and less critical and that maybe the Sumerian theory is more reasonable. On the other hand I thought HPB was talking about things about Indian civilization that proved it must have been around about as long as people have been in Asia or even for the large part of the history of the human race.

Another idea I am considering, with Rosucrician (e.g. Max Heindel) ideas about the root-races is China could be older if the Asians around there and near are also part of the end of the Atlantean race.

Of course the Lemurians and their oral tradition are older. I am just curious what the oldest civilization and oral tradition recorded in ancient rather than modern literature is.

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Thanks for the informative articles on Zoroastrianism (Mazda Yasna)..

- Art


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