"Change", as the great teacher Buddha is widely believed to have opined, "is the only constant in the universe". Or something similar. I am yet to find the original quote but believe the word impermanence of Diamond Sutra has been changed to change which allowed it to become popular.

How does one interpret this extremely curious statement? As we see around us this appears to be true. However, if it is a constant will that make it Absolute Reality? If it is changing would it then become  Relative Reality?

What happens to the standard beliefs about Karma and Reincarnation in light of change being either the Absolute Reality or the Relative Reality?

Is there a pattern or order of change which one can figure out or is it completely random? Is randomness Real in light of change being a constant?

What is change?

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Thanks David, for this very eloquently described explanation. It will take me a while to grasp all you have said.

Dear Captain,

      Your statement is absolutely correct and bang on , see the thing of it is - this universe or anything for that matter in existence is subject to time , time is the succession of moments in space and what is regenerates the preceding moment and then itself fades and is regenerated again . IT is entierely one dimensional , now the thing is that the idea of matter includes time and space as you very well know - so matter is not matter as we say popularly it is including these and parts of being and knowledge etc (but I digress). It is the only constant or at the basis of appearance of forms , in fact a pre requisite . and if you see really analyze time (it would be easy for you to see it as a "shakthi" objectively) the idea is change . Within the Krama of a time at one point you have to notice that this point appears as being there constantly but in effect within the time of concieving this point another has replaced it and is being replaced by an identical point at the point of concieving it - which means the point does not actually move physically and be replaced by another (because this idea of replacement relates to matter ) but we are in the domain of matter but "matter" as is within the domain of the subject - so what essentially happens is that , being one dimensional ie time - and us starting from a multilayerd concept of time - which is already known to our knowledge (as subject -  that we will think this way if we consider we are a conscious object) - it becomes a fact that unless we remove the "idea" of succession or movement that we have in our idea of matter we cannot divine that - it is an act of will at that particular point where succession is discerned which pre dictates  or already knows that we will equate the idea of Time with movement against and idea that is immovable , it makes you discount intelligence and knowledge and appears inert - but it is already forecast that the will provides that you will not be able to concieve of time or light devoid of motion and apprehend correctly that there is a prior suggestion by will into your knowledge and thence forth into perception (working inside out I mean ). This is the self effacing character of the infinite which is reflected in the humility pf masters and good gurus who have known the truth . This is the self effacement of Plato which makes us forget it is him who is in Dalogue and we ask why socrates at the end of Crito and then curse ourselves for having mistaken Plato for Socrates as also with Vyasa or Homer . It is a quality of the infinite .

To percieve or know the universe we have to be in a cloud called concept of time , it is an suggestion by the infinite will given in everymans knowledge so that they may move the universe any which way they want  as an idea and together hold it !!


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