The Journey in Mythological, Folk & Contemporary Symbolism

"Within all cultures and times around the world, regardless of religion, technological development or political ideology, we have always shared stories, symbols and imagery to communicate to each other.

The symbols that are often found in these stories can be universal with the stories reflecting struggles found in everyday life, whereas others can be secretive and esoteric. Another feature of these stories, like the Sufi legends, is that they can be literal or abstract.

Through Stories we find these cultures often describe a journey either towards the fulfilment of human potential or the escape of a samsaric reality; either as an individual or as a collective unity. The attaining of this knowledge however is dependent on the individual alone."

Some question for discussion are:

Why do such stories prevail?
Why are they so vague and open to interpretation?
How can they help us further along the Journey?

(p.s. This was my first talk i ever gave at a Theosophical group and the PPT presentation is really nice too)

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