If you consider a simple pattern that can repeat itself (seemingly) into infinity. Any information required for all potential complexity, that might evolve through repetition, must exist within the initial pattern.

That's what I call binding the infinite, and as far as I have been able to "figure out" thats what we are.

An expression of infinity (we can be anything) bounded by our perceptions.

Perspective is everything.

So my potential is limitless, it is my reality that limits me.

My connectome is my reality, only a part of the whole.

Of course, as with any "expression" what you see draws you into it's complexity, when the pattern is all you need to look at. Thats what all the details of the day are attached to.

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Your perception of it seeming like it has no beginning accords with traditional Buddhist wisdom. As a reflection of the structure of the void, it has neither beginning nor end, although it's manifest appearances do. They arise and persist for a season, then cease as all compounded and formed things do. All is impermanent. All is without an inherently existent separate self.

Placing yourself in the middle of the conception of Indra's Net as you've described is a practical and effective way to apply the metaphor to realiize mutual connectedness, coalescent interpenetration and interdependance. This is similar to certain Buddhist meditation practices. What you'll find if you persist is that what seems like your own radiant center is not fixed, but is actually emitted by each position simultaneously. Let go your local self description. Anatman.

One thing manifests until it doesn't.
Manvantara / Pralaya

The periodicity of interrelated time, space and knowledge.

I like that. Nice explanation !

Here is a nice elaborative link about the notion of Indra's Net that David may find directly related to what he began this thread saying:


"If you consider a simple pattern that can repeat itself (seemingly) into infinity. Any information required for all potential complexity, that might evolve through repetition, must exist within the initial pattern."


That's sort of why my response tried to include and point out things like: 

It seems to have the potential of all number, all geometries, all colors, all language, all meaning, etc.

Hi what is happening with me is,im not "read" at all,i did however grow up with 2 generations theosophist above me,so i did alot of the terms i will admit,but unlike my brother i wasant included,and went my own way,but i have had many experiences,and now ive got the internet (never had a tv at age50 can you believe) and find budism and theosophy the closest to what i find,but whats happening is i hear about something like this indras net,look it up and bang it brings me back to something that happend,,obiously the problem with this and i could even write it in capitals lol "we stick our views onto these things to claim it as ours, and the ego wins again,saying that it rings bells just the same,---,i shouldant of writen all that but droping my experience in  seemed odd otherwise,but it did change my fear of death and being a diferant take on what people normaly say,(about they saw there life flash before them) i think that proves its not just a story.

In my mid 20"s i had my first car a 205 desil 1k miles for £25 well into the 90"s amazing car,anyway in my defence i put another 150k miles onto it 100k before i crashed it into a wall at at least 70mph,

in truth i came around a bend and hit a flood across the road so aquaplaned across the path of a massive lorry coming the other way who over took me as i hit the wall,,,,now as there was a moment as i saw the wall coming i instinctively,pulled on the steering wheel to brace myself and did something id tried to learn in kung fu in my teens i put my whole will power and everything that was me into that coming wall,and quite honestly missed the event,although after everything i can say i have a memory of a bang that my mind doesant want to go to,but at the time i wasant here i was seeing a like picture of colors in a big frame,just a mass of colors and in that picture was 4 or 5 diamonds or jewls that seemed so beautiful,and something told me,"this is what your life amounts to, its like a garden you grow these diamonds and look you have a few so your life has been worth it,this is why we live"and i knew they were my achievements id gone beyond myself ,like learning to play guitar with disabled hands,my selfless love, i dont rember finding out the others i got the idea.

then bang i was back and with a massive flash as if all the windows came in,and oddly none were damaged,the car had no front end,it was cut off at the window totaly and the back seats were pushed upto the front seats,id hit on a corner of the car and it had spun hitting with enough force to push the back that much after taking off the front,and 15+ feet of wall,,the drop would of been 6feet but the car stayed on the road,(that was into a field a fighter jet had crashed that very week)

another thing of note id bent the steering wheel over half way just pulling down,yet no one i knew and had big guys try ,could push it back.even with the extra of using feet on the floor and your back against the seat,2x stronger than me yet not an inch,,,Anyway i link up my diamonds to them in my head ,thanks for your time,,this website is a bit dead so i thought why not ill post it,im happy to be the odd one lol (that is until i go total )  PS  i was totaly unhurt and never had any shock in fact i carried on,ywo hours later me and my dad were putting my wrek into my garage,id missed the crash so was just a bit lessons learnt over losing my car,,never crash since and have had a clean driving licence over 20 years :-)

  stu x

Great inspirational story!

Also thanks for the post and site support! (you get the Dancing Sasquatch Guy Award :)

The Diamonds and Jewels we create in our life, That is really beautiful. I am glad you are alive!


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