I have been looking into christianity and also reading the bible. But one thing that is confusing me is the copycat theory that says that Jesus has a lot in common with both sun gods, Mithra and Horus, Krishna and a lot of other deities. 

I've looked into Krishna, he wasn't born of a virgin but I didn't read his full story. Horus may have been born from a virgin but that's debatable. 

Anyways that's beside my point. I always thought reincarnation was stupid. But now I'm starting to ponder over the idea. There is too much evidence of Jesus's existence. 

I haven't looked into other deities and did my own research but there. seems to be a pattern of birth from a virgin, russeruction, 12 disciples, star from the east pattern here. 

Is there a possibility that every now and then a higher power descends onto earth and gives the earth a religion to follow and "saves" the people. This person/higher power reincarnates every a few time intervals which is important astrologically.

What do you think? You people are the spiritualists and I'm sure you have studied astrology and the reincarnation of Hinduism and various religions like it. So what's your opinion?

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also - Isis Unveiled was written by HPB and is HPBism. A banned topic on this site.

I think Jesus represents a pattern, a perception, a way of looking at things, an understanding. When he says "the way to the father is through me" he meant it literally; through his eyes, his head, his heart, without his particular understanding the way to the father cannot even be imagined, let alone recognized.

I think that as individuals make choices for themselves, they collectively influence society to favor those choices. Every now and then someone (anyone) comes along with the needed perspective to "shift" societies perception and potentially avoid tremendous suffering.

When I read "I am the way, the truth, and the life," to me it says "only through your own consciousness can you find the way, truth, and life." Only through your own "I" can you find these things. To me, it sincerely seems to be his way of telling his followers to "figure out what you ARE, and then will you be ok."


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