I have been looking into christianity and also reading the bible. But one thing that is confusing me is the copycat theory that says that Jesus has a lot in common with both sun gods, Mithra and Horus, Krishna and a lot of other deities. 

I've looked into Krishna, he wasn't born of a virgin but I didn't read his full story. Horus may have been born from a virgin but that's debatable. 

Anyways that's beside my point. I always thought reincarnation was stupid. But now I'm starting to ponder over the idea. There is too much evidence of Jesus's existence. 

I haven't looked into other deities and did my own research but there. seems to be a pattern of birth from a virgin, russeruction, 12 disciples, star from the east pattern here. 

Is there a possibility that every now and then a higher power descends onto earth and gives the earth a religion to follow and "saves" the people. This person/higher power reincarnates every a few time intervals which is important astrologically.

What do you think? You people are the spiritualists and I'm sure you have studied astrology and the reincarnation of Hinduism and various religions like it. So what's your opinion?

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The pattern is known to exist.

However, in the case of Jesus and Krishna, I think it stems more from the 1-to-1 mapping of the Hindu Trinity into the Christian Trinity. Here Krishna is a form of Vishnu (incarnate God) as is believed Jesus to be. The mapping of Brahman <-> father and Shiva <-> Holy Ghost is the usual mapping for the rest of the Trinity.

The Horus/Osiris/Isis has been somehwhat over-imagined in my mind.

The Mithraic religion... I need to check a few things first.

I think that what you (plural - includes others) are seeing is a Jungian Archetype.


Just some initial thoughts. I do think the Bible needs to be thought of as a Trilogy to Mankind. Old Testament  (part 1), New Testament (Part 2) and Koran as Part 3. Each corrects a mistake in the previous work.

semi-hostile Good -> Loving God/trinity -> Unitarianism restored.  Just my personal opinion. The Koran still leaves us with a hell, which I do not believe exists. i.e.Universalism needs to be added. However All-Merciful is so emphatically stated in the Koran, maybe the Koran needs an esoteric reading I am missing. Perhaps the Sufis have the key?

I've been looking at these characters and many of them don't come from virgin mothers as Peter Joseph claims. However, what I did realize as you mentioned that each of them embody the perfect spirit of god. Like Krishna possesses the spirit of Vishnu as he is the reincarnation of him. Just like that Jesus being the son of god and being absolutely sinless, is made in "god's image" and possesses god's spirit. That's why he is sometimes referred to as god himself or the "holy spirit." I do notice that. I will do more research on this topic and I'm going to watch the Zeidgeist.

However I have to say this. Islam is not how it seems. I don't want to bash the religion as I was a muslim myself but anyone that researches the life of Jesus christ and Muhammed can tell that Islam is not the true religion. Anyone that opens up a bible can know that Islam's false. In the bible, it is clear that there will be other prophets after Jesus christ that will perform miracles, but you shouldn't believe them. There is quranic science, which is the main reason I stayed in islam but I never loved Muhammed like I do Jesus.

Jesus healed people, walked on water, hung out with sinners because he believed they are the ones who needed "to be saved,"(shows how humble he was in the way that he never looked at people as inferior to himself), never killed anybody to expand his religion, forgave prostitutes, and never married. Nobody can point a finger on Jesus and bash his character. Muhammad slaughtered, had more wives than the appropriate number for a muslim, took sex slaves and allowed his men to take some as well and never performed any miracles. His example does not benefit the world in anyway whatsoever. Just look at how many child marriages take place in islamic countries.

The Quran may have some great rules but it is very contradictory. It is contradictory to the extent that muslims don't know whether to fight for their religion and bomb cities or be kind and peaceful to non-believers. There are two passages that are contradictory and confusing.

The god of the bible is humble and gracious. The requirements to be a christian is simple. It is to be a kind human being, love god and christ, read the bible and find out about your history. The god in christianity doesn't promise 72 virgins but a kingdom where god's people will live in peace and harmony.

I think right now I'm torn between two possible truths about reality. One is Christianity which I just might convert into. The other is the new age movement. It's quite possible that there's a bigger picture that we don't see. That every astrological age, a christ like figure pops to the earth and saves it's people from evil and gives birth to different religions. We could be living in a world where reincarnation is real.

Philosophically, reincarnation makes a lot of sense to me because many people have unfulfilled lives. Sometimes you just look at people and you're like "she doesn't deserve that",
"why'd that happen to her?" "why are they a couple?" My point being is that some people's lives just doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. Some people have no purpose. Some people are born, and they just die. I also remember watching youtube videos on twin flames/soulmates which basically says that everyone has a twin flame but not everybody's twin flame exists in the physical plane or earth. That once the female and the male twin flame both have achieved the highest form of spirituality, they will one day meet in the physical plane and be one. I'm not saying I believe this but it makes sense to me.

I used to go find youtube videos with buniaral beats for certain purposes like studying, changing your mood, opening your third eye and all that stuff. But one day I came upon a youtuber that makes meditation videos with buniaral beats. I go on his site where people thank him saying how they remember past lives because of his meditation videos so you never know. Our universe is so large, anything is possible.

I think comparing the Koran to the Gospels has little to no overlap excepting the "Merciful" nature of God. However when adding in the Epistles and Revelations you do get Judgmentalisms and evil/good/"plaques from God"/war/"No More Scripture will occur" etc via Revelations.

I might add that I believe the Old Testament can make the Koran look tame. They have slaves, and monogamous relations are almost exceptions. (sex with slaves etc). The warring nature, punishment from God, Destroying lives just for a "bet" with Satan (Job) is hideous as well. Mass genocide is common. My favorite Psalm quote is PS 137:9 .

One has to see much of the Bible, Epistles, Koran as a contemporary (at time of writing)/cultural set of books. After all, if the people could not relate to them, then the Religion would die quickly. The Gospels are very Unique and only "Good". I am a Gospel fan.

Comparing Mohammad to Jesus is a mistake (big time) since Jesus was God (in Christianity) and Mohammad only a Prophet, or at best, like Moses without the miracles. (Moses wrote/divinely-inspired the first five books as well - so goes the lore).

The beginning of Islam was very peaceful. Only when extermination was near did God give a very limited/strict set of rules to fight in order to protect "only" your right to worship (freedom of Religion). Of course, after that... human nature takes it downhill quickly.

I think you would like the Ahmadiyya movement (whichever of the two groups) or the Quranists (Quran-Only) groups. Rather than get bogged down in New Age mish-mash, you might want to look more at Rumi and other Sufi sects.

Here we do believe in multiple theosophies. After all, Enlightened people of the various Religions all believe their own personal Faith/Religion is Correct. That Includes Buddhists (no God), Sufis (Islam is correct), Christian Mystics (Christianity is correct), Jewish Mystics (Judaism is correct), Hindu Mystics (Hinduism is correct) etc. These are all inherently different at a very fundamental level. No single enlightenment makes sense. However - there is much overlap in belief despite this.

The Dalai Lama said to stick to your religion you grew up with. Often he has seen Buddhists (converts) revert (near death) to a religion more akin to their original Faith. It is somewhat hard-wired from the get-go of your upbringing (though NOT always true). The Abrahamic Religions all have the same God, so moving among them seems to make sense (is easier).

just mostly my Opinions above - I reserve the right to change my mind later <G>.

Please give some links to the references you make - Zeidgeist and "buniaral beats", so I can understand exactly where these are coming from in your post (I might find a similar but different reference by mistake).

oh - the Transfiguration of Jesus, displayed to some of his Apostles, has been used to justify reincarnation in the Bible. There are a couple more as well ... can't remember them right now. In any case the Bible may be said to support reincarnation according to some Mystics.

"Zeitgeist" and 'Binaural Beats?"

well, sounds like speculative stuff to avoid.  (?)

probably sells well though.


This is the movie Zeidgeist. It's very informative. Part one is nothing but a lie. Part two and three might or may not be a lie although I do think that 9/11 was an inside job. However another video claimed that Peter Joseph quoted Allister Crowley(or another man a part of the occult, I don't remember clearly) during the video who is the most evil man (said to have slaughtered 500 male children) so you never know what his motives are. His video are probably half truths and just another missing puzzle of the whole picture. He could have motives of his own.

I'll give you the link to the facebook page where people said that they remember past lives because of this youtuber's meditations. 


This is the youtuber. And I didin't know that. I'll look into it definitely :)

Well I just have to say that I'm finally a christian and all of Zeidgeist's claims were lies. I've watched videos that debunked the christ theory. There are barely any similarities between the gods and Jesus. They were literally all lies to support their agenda. Acharya S is probably just trying to sell some books and even in her books, she seems to be quoting right from Helen Blavatsky's Isis unveiled(I think that's the title). This woman either wants money or is in fact a part of some religion/cult that's related to the occult.

As for the new age movement. My doubts about Christ's existence and individuality are gone. Josephus and many other historians do in fact have written about him and his crucification(another reason why I think Islam is false). So I'm going to stick to Christianity. The new age movement thinks we're all gods. Lucifer when convincing Eve to consume the apple, told her that she'll be like gods if she did. LOL Satan's not too original. The whole ascending masters stuff and the whole you can be as gods doesn't seem legit to me.

As for Christianity vs Islam

Let's put it this way when each of us are born into this world, we're also born into a religion which we're brain washed to follow. That was obviously me. I had no choice. I didn't even think of the possibility that my religion was false. But I think what each of us needs to do when analyzing a religion are two things, the main idea/main beliefs of the religion, and the founder's life. If the founder or the so called prophet ends up taking advantage of his power over his people and attains money, power, fame, and women. There's something fishy.

The reason why Muhammed chose to say that Jesus is not the son of god is simple. He wanted to be risen in status, the status above Jesus Christ. He wanted to be regarded as more. The first few years of Islam is great. He was a great person then. But even during the beginning of Islam, he couldn't tell whether he was possessed or getting revelations from god and was even suicidal. He even came up with satanic verses and stated that Allah had three daughters but then later regretted it and changed his mind. Another reason why I think polytheism=santan(Remember fallen angels also depicted themselves as gods and that's why we have all the mythology that we have). 

The starting point of Islam was peaceful. But you have to remember even if Islam was a peaceful religion, if you open up the bible, it will directly tell you that anyone that doesn't believe that Jesus is the son of god is the anti christ and that there will be many false prophets afterwards that will PERFORM MIRACLES. Muhammed's miracle being the corrupted Quranic science that him as an illiterate man shouldn't be able to come up with. That is also the only reason I stayed muslim to be honest. 

After this man gained power, all he did was kill, marry and have sex with beautiful women, and took advantage of his power as any HUMAN would do, not a prophet of god. Sex slavery, killing of the appostates, subjugating the jews and christians is Islam. Sure the Quran has peaceful verses but you gotta remember that was the beginning of Islam. Terrorism had to come from somewhere right?

As for the old testament, I don't know as much about the old testament as I should know. But for the slavery part that you mentioned: After seven years, owners should offer to free their slaves and I think slavery is applicable under certain reasons. Polygamy is not encouraged. And even Abraham was told by Sarah to have sex with her handmaiden to get another child and Abraham threw both Ishmael and Hagar out when Sarah said so. So the wife's opinion is held in high regard unlike Islam. Obviously I don't agree with throwing your son away like that but Abraham had loyalty to his wife. I'm not certain about the other rules of the Old testament. I wasn't too fond about the curse of Canaan to be honest. 

But the concept of the new testament is simple. It is to save it's people and to reform. All god wants you to do is be a good person. He wants you to spend your time and effort not praying five times a day and fasting but be a good person and pray to him when you want to. It's something that comes directly from the heart. In Islam a bad person who has uttered a few words can have his good deeds outweigh his bad deeds. But Christianity is ONLY about being a good person and honestly it motivates you more to be a good person as well. God also doesn't bribe you with 72 virgins and unlimited sex in paradise. 

The next reason I am Christian is because some bible prophecy has in fact came true like it is prophesized that the Jews will be scattered all over the world but one day will reform Israel. What happened just recently? Israel was formed. Of course I was anti-Israel and pro-palestenian before but now I guess I'm willing to accept that there were wrongs in both sides. But wow, I can't believe that that actually came true. The days of Noah will happen again before the coming of Christ. Well what's taking place now, globalization and the whole world speaks one language or most do at least which is English. Also just like the days of the fallen angels when humans genes were diverted, I think trans humanism will be the cause of that and science is getting closer every day to making trans humanism a possibility.

Next thing I'd like to talk about is Muhammed's death. A Jewish woman poisoned him. Another sect of Islam(Islam's mormonism that is), this "prophet" Ahmad performed miracles and died with his head inside the toilet apparently. I'm not sure about that claim. But neither of these prophets died a graceful death. Tell me why prophets of gods would die such a disgraceful way. Tell me why would God send another prophet after Jesus? Why would he want to completely change the concept of Christianity back to how it was like in the old testament except much worse? How can the bible get so corrupted over time that the main message, the main concept of christianity that Jesus is the son of god, died for our sins on the cross and got resurrected is all a lie according to Muhammed?

How come in some verses Muhammed could go to tell people to go to the bible and read his prophecy(there is none there), yet claim that the bible is corrupted? So he's telling us to go to a corrupted book? I'll tell you what he did, he manipulated the poor and eventually Islam grew and the main doubtful aspects of Islam were hidden from Muslims. Humans are stupid, lol!

And as I said before, Jesus who claimed to be the son of god got none of which Muhammed got other than fame and influence. He didn't get the women, the money, didn't wage wars or anything. He was a humble man who hung out with sinners because he believed they needed to be saved. He could've given himself privileges, could've brought revelations of marrying as women as he wanted to? With him being the son of god, of course he could've. But he didn't. And he also healed people and walked on water. Muhammed never did any of that.


Look up the actions of various cult leaders in the world. Their actions match Muhammed's, and come no where near that of Jesus Christ's. Well I found my path, I can only pray all of you do as well. Thanks for replying to my discussion and forum.

Thanks for keeping us up to date on your path! Christianity can be a good religion and I have little issue with its teachings. I have never found a religion that I agree with 100%. But those are my issue(s) and path(s). I currently am studying Christianity again. I understand your views.

In any case, get baptized and enjoy/live your faith!

If by Zeidgeist you mean Zeitgeist and are reffering to TZM The Zeitgeist Movement, you may want to have another look. I've spent some time on the TZM teamspeak server talking with people in the movement to see what it is all about. TZM promotes "A new train of thought". The examples used included some alternative ways one could look at "stories" from the past.

I personally support their efforts to raise the level of consciousness within society so that the sustainability of that society becomes an issue of discussion throughout all levels of our society.

If you want to understand the message of the zeitgeist movement, don't analyze their words, look at your reaction to them, thats where you will find what you can learn from them.

Now I've come to believe that Peter Joseph is just another new ager that wants to indoctrine the new world order in all of us because people in the new age movement and who have theosophical beliefs want the same thing.(no offense) His part one were downright lies and he's distanced himself from the 9/11 claims leading me to believe that him adding that part was just deceptive and to manipulate people into believing that he's on the same side and he wants something that he really doesn't. I'm not going to name names but a lot of what he believes comes from people that are prominent figures of the new age movement, theosophy and satanism. So do some of his statements. His part one came from the claims of Acharya S that used Isis unveiled for a lot of her work. Her work has been disregarded by scholars. And I don't think the new age movement is right anymore. I only did when I believed in the lies Peter Joseph said about Jesus in part one. Now I'm a christian. 

>> new age movement and who have theosophical beliefs want the same thing

not true at all. You have confused ideas about theosophy. You are likely referring to ideas from other organizations which call themselves Theosophical <g>.


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