This study is part of the  The Human Connectome Project: see NY Times article below

( The Human Connectome Project )

Interactive map of the healthy human brain showing structure and function, with detail to one and a half cubic millimeters, or less than 0.0001 cubic inches.

NY Times Article

Note: at this rate, they will soon hit the realization that consciousness is not found in the "Brain." One has to study "Mind."

(note - corrected title scaling to 1.5 mm**3  on 1/22/2014)

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This is an amazing and extremely ambitious research project. I hope they find the connection between the virtual reality residing in the brain and the physical reality outside it.

or... why they get scrambled. I'm thinking Mental Health here.

in any case. - it is a real undertaking. I am unsure on brain to brain variations. what is the right and wrong brains to use as standards (or normal range)..


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