On a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon in New Delhi, Andrew Cohen spoke for nearly four hours explaining his theory of evolutionary enlightenment. The audience was mesmerized.

Andrew spoke about the necessity of defeating the mind. And he suggested the ways to do it. But the point that really caught the fancy of the audience was the distinction he made of the two opposing directions of the spiritual inquiry.

Traditional spirituality has been looking at our origins and seers have concluded that beyond the space and motion, all is one. This answers the question, "who are we". But to answer "what is our purpose" or "where are we headed" one needs to pursue a different line of inquiry based on the evolutionary experience of the humanity. Technological progress has a big role to play in that. Andrew mentioned the great seer from India, Sri Aurobindo as the pioneer of this direction of spirituality.

So, what should be our line of inquiry at Theosophy.Net?

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The traditional mode spiritual mode of inquiry is to read theos lit, listen to those who have read more, and experienced spiritual upliftment (the "God Experience), discuss what is read and what is heard, read some more, discuss some more, incorporate the teachings in one's mind, meditate, meditate, meditate, and mentally work out meanings of the readings, the listenings, the experiencing, the meditation, the etc.  - then, voila! The Great Spiritual Awakening! Of course, it doesn't work.


As to the readings, esp. in modern theos, the occult and esoteric parts are to be experienced to be believed - which is really not easy because they are hardly known, discerned, and experienced.


 And the Masters? Where are they? I, the pupil is ready, but where is the teacher?


And somewhere in our theos, we are told that the TEACHER is really inside us. In the same way that God is not "external" neither is the teacher. So, in the end, it is inside us! After all the circumlocutory meanderings, we go back inside. That must be the new mode of the "mind" that Andrew is referring to.


But a caveat: Eckhart Tolle says do not trust the mind: it leads to all ways and byways of past conditioning -  except the truth. IN fact, learn to control it - to stop it at will! And the Budhha says: "meditate with the mind empty". Zen.

Thanks Emmanuel.

Even Andrew Cohen prescribes "ignoring the mind". However that is easier said than done. For ordinary people like us, mind itself is the instrument through which to defeat the mind. Can one really be totally free of the mind and survive in human form? Are there two minds, one of which will shut the other off?

Are we defeating the mind or training "it" to think in a certain way?  An athlete trains to perfect the movements of his or her body and perfect abilities that were always latent, part of his or her nature.  The mind is the same, if it is undisciplined, thoughts will run through it like water through a faucet.  If a archer does not learn to control his body he cannot hit the target.  The mind is the same, we should not view this as "defeating" the mind, we should view this as training the mind to focus and function in a certain way and on a certain level.  The mind is not our enemy.  This is a fascinating conversation!!

What is meant by "Mind" here is perhaps motion. The idea is to use the consciousness to defeat the motion. This is how I understand it currently. Only Andrew Cohen could explain what he actually meant.

Dear Jeffrey ,

      You cannot defeat the mind , it would be like looking at a mirror and fighting with the reflection within it . Can you control your mind ? Yes , by working from the Intellect , can you merge the mind ? Yes it can be merged with the Intellect. Can you train the mind ? by using the intellect  yes. 

     Mind is there only when a thought is there , thoughts are the mind , it is as the Captain has put it ''motion''. a quiet mind is no more a mind and the atomic mind which is quiescient is all pervading as it merges in the intellect . It can only be controlled by knowledge as it is an instrument which responds to knowledge and not the senses , it also can be controlled by cleaning ones memory as the inner world of images is dependent on memory and dream - again knowledge through the intellect is the key in this case also . 

When I wrote:

"Future Theosophy - a Vision" (see Future Theosophies Group)

I addressed this in the form below:

1) The key for the spatial connections in theosophy, i.e. the second verse in the 'Emerald Table' of Hermes Trismegistus:

"That which is above is like to that which is below and that which is below is like to that which is above, to accomplish the miracles of (the) one thing"

Note this refers to the Spatial Dimension. i.e. epistemologically it is externalism and internalism; theosophically as mind (human) as the mesocosm between the macrocosm and microcosm)

2) The key for the temporal connections in theosophy.

"That which was is as that which will be, and that which will be is as that which was, to accomplish the miracles of eternity"

Reference from Meditations on the Tarot by Anonymous, 1985. Note: Anonymous is known to be Valentin Tomberg (1901-1973).

The above, created in the theosophical revolution of the late 20th century, is the starting point for the 21st century. The better definition, and the two new “Keys To Theosophy”.

[... final point below ..]
the first characteristic of theosophy, which involves the triangle of macrosom-mesocosm-microcosm, is now driven by the knowledge of the macrocosm and it will correct misunderstandings within the microcosm. This compliment must be required for a consistent understanding. This is also true of the third characteristic of theosophy. The supreme world within, or epistemological internalism, becomes increasingly just a new form of externalism. The knowledge of psychology, biology and brain are realized through an externalism within science.


Anand - That final point above is the issue of creating a Theosophy which treats Both directions simultaneously and equally valid. This requires both the scientific insights to assist understanding of the exoteric and also to use these with the esoteric to leap forward to a consistently integrated whole.

Only in the last 20 years has BOTH the EXOTERIC THEORY (science) and the typological THEORY  (used in this website) of THEOSOPHY emerged. We are in a unique point in Space, Time, Mind.


p.s. I have tried to use a lot of Sri Aurobindo quotes in the daily meditations. That is not an accident.

yea. That is a real issue. The second key and first key have strong hints...but it is an open question. A lot of hints are in those two sayings/laws (1 and 2). I refer to them as the Spatial and Temporal Emerald keys. Possibly Spatial and Temporal Hermetic keys is better. But key 2 is recent to the last (20th) century to my knowledge. Not in hermetic lit.

Emerald has more Oz, just behind a curtain.

(My Cat refuses to help.... )

no idea Joe.


Dear Captain ,

          I think as far as your question is concerned - the line of enquiry at Theosophy.Net is quite OK as things stand , everyone has his own personal philosophy and by and large all seem to merge at some unsaid common understanding of the subject - so shibboleths are not required each to his own is good enough since what I have come to understand is that most are practicioners also and not just 24K preachers  It was Aurobindo himself who postulated that the human race will not develop anymore physically and is at the end of its evolutionary cycle in terms of Physique and man can only develop into more of the mental and intellectual  persona. My view on AC is that we are just losing focus if we start to listen to every tom d*** and harry  who has theories . Tarry not my friend as evening approaches very swiftly  - you came alone , and alone you will go .

Thanks Hari. Yes Theosophy.net is doing OK. The question meant whether we should focus more on Future Theosophy - A Vision type exploration or continue digging into the past theosophies. As John has very eloquently explained we need to treat both directions simultaneously.

Dear Emmanuel ,

                The traditional mode of spiritual enquiry is quite powerful and Theosophically speaking efficient , it does confer experiences  which are spiritually uplifting.  As for the Occult and the Esoteric - there is a critical point that you have to be aware - One can never attain to the Occult or Esoteric experiences of another - inner metaphysical experiences of each person differs , so it is obvious that things will be muddled if we try to interpret individual Occult experiences in terms of what we have "understood'' from reading somebody elses theology or their interpretation of the same . Only the General assumptions that have stood the test of time and are applicable to all metaphysical experiences can be taken as pointers - which help in clearing out and deciphering the experiences one has . If the rules of the Occult and Esoteric planes are not understood or known - life will become one big meandering in a spiritual wasteland .

  Masters do not require disciples Emmanuel , it is always the other way round . Better to have an internal dialogue within oneself and then merge it - much as Kirkegaard, Plato and Nietzcshe have done (in recent times).

There is a "key'' to understanding a writers books - One should always have the right perspective that every writer has an evolving body of thought and they have their more immature first writings and the more mature thoughts translated into books written at various later periods . If any anachronism exists in a persons reading of another writer it is probable that gaps will exist in understanding - language notwithstanding . Never read scholarly articles or books of a great person in the beginning itself - first read yourself the originals and after coming to some ideas of ones own - then read the academics and scholarly books with a critical eye . I will now state the reason for writing so about scholarly books - that you had a craving to read a particular author is due to knowledge coming to you at the time that you were ''deemed'' ripe to understand it and receive it , so just boldly believe in that and read as you like it and understand it in the way you would understand it (never , never articulate anything openly to the "next person" - you will only open yourself to censure for not having "exact or common knowledge of the subject'' You can do so  in forums like these where more judicious and elevated people interact ).  The same Knowledge that came from outside in the form of a book, a word, a person, a child, a beggar or anything will be automatically followed up from within - you can "desire" a particular author and knowledge will be yours - it is certain - why to bother if it comes from outside or within in such cases - if the same thing happens in reverse - of things vanishing from you physically - just do not run after it . Let everything come to you - never ever run after anything in this world - The self knows better than you what it is that you need (ultimately it is yourself alone which is doing this - but that is another matter !). There is nothing negative in the soul - Mind is nothing but - Doubt, thought and perception of movement - nothing more . And believe me Theosophy comes easier to a person from the traditional methods enumerated in all religions - it is our error in understanding that interferes with acceptance of them . The writings are definitely more subtle than those of  "time bound theosophists'' .

Sounds like a great thread ... I just got online and Kindle'd down Andrew Cohen's book on the subject so I can catch up with you'all and see where I weigh-in.  ANY CHANCE there's video of Andrew's mesmerizing presentation ... would be an even better introduction.

Thanks Christian. Youtube has several. There are a few at his website too:



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