Symbols - Esoteric Instructions - in Volume XII by HPB

Hi! Can someone know the meaning of this symbol ?

Long time ago, someone told me its it's one of the Sephirots of Kaballah, It is a set
of esoteric teachings meant to explain the
relationship between an eternal and
mysterious Creator and the mortal and finite

But I cant find nowhere this explication.


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From Bottom up:


Sufi Wings of love(heart):

uplift and support of your entire esoteric body.


The entire esoteric self. The Circle is all encompassing.

upper/lower/ Triad:

often called the Star of David)

Inner most Sanskrit letters spell "Sat" as in Sat-Chit-Ananda


It looks like one could meditate/contemplate on the path laid out by the symbol.

However, if HPB is involved, it may be a grand, living theosophism.    :^)

HPB should explain the meaning of the symbol in that volume, or in the volumes before.. Other than that, I know little.

Thank you! You are amazing. That was very important for me to know for some reason.

I just spotted the exact symbol on the front cover of The Dialogues of G. de Purucker (Vol. 1-3) published by Theosophical University Press (1948).

Strange synchronicity.

Ohhh really?! That strange :) I never heard about those books. I will take a look

Many books by G.. de Purucker are free softcopy at


Thanks, I didnt know this Website, I will take a look . Actually, I didnt even know G. de Purucker, so its a good find!

I found the books there yesterday

The book-cover is shown, which is good.



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