It seems the deeper I go into my spiritual search for my real identity my eyes are opened to curiosity and I am drawn to it. A question arises that calls to me too concern myself with talking to others about there problems with the thought about there spirituality as well. Using psychology philosophy and theology as disciplines. 

  I see and understand but how do I get that across to others? To be inquisitive but not pushy? Theosophy has taught me a lot about the person I did not know or understand until I studied it. I now see and understand why I was doing the things I was doing that was taught me from childhood and society as a whole.

  I hate to see anybody suffer mentally physically and  morally  because of there beliefs taught them when they were young. And would love to help. Any suggestions would be of a great help. I want to share what I have learned form this forum with others. Paul

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requires some thought on how to answer this. More later.

a warning - if you start talking Theosophy, many people are hopelessly biased in that you *really* mean the teachings of a certain old Victorian-age woman. This is of course bunk. Theosophy stands perfectly well, and better,  without that stuff. If you are lucky, they will have never heard of that aspect of the term "theosophy" and you may have "Hope" in conveying ideas.

One must always start with the Individual only. The individual is the only important person... each one at a time. It is best to say nothing in many situations.

I'll try to find more to say. It is an ancient problem.



     Do you think one could mix disciplines like the law of attraction, Karma, meditation, psychology, philosophy and theology into a discussion about another's emotional problems indirectly without direct approach that might make them think one was using religion or religious beliefs to preach to them? Paul


did you mean:

that might make them NOT think one was using religion or religious beliefs to preach to them?

still - No.

you actually may do more damage.

if you are talking about a specific individual, you should send me an email.

In general, no psychological/medical advice is usually given in this web site. I would advise NOT trying to fix someone in an imbalanced mental state. Takes a professional.



Understood. Paul


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