Hi All,

just a fledgling around here:  Have just done a plug for you at our fledgling group (under a year old) which is centred in the South Island of Aotearoa (New Zealand).


This weekend, which is a long weekend holiday to celebrate The Queen's birthday, a lot of us are off to Hanmer Springs for a 2 and 1/2 day retreat.  There will be 'theosophical" type presentations and activities but truth be that myself (poss,. few others too) mostly looking forward to the therapeutic soaking in the hot pools, and this time of year there is chance we're sitting hot-as in them, while snow swirls around our heads!  ;-)  http://hanmersprings.co.nz/

Check out our page!  (There is discussion who we accept as "members" i.e. whether open to outside of Southern NZ, but as it is at present if you're "theosophical" you're "family" ...my personal view anyway!   ;-)



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I need to point out that we have our own facebook group called Theosophical Network which is a public group.

The link is:


We accept anyone, except advertisers. We discuss all forms of theosophy including theosophies from all religions. We also cover philosophy and science concepts pertaining to theosophy.

Peace -


Cool,thankyou John, KJG.


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