First of all, I would like to thank Capt. Kumar for his challenge, Jessica for her timely chat question about Empiricism and Wouter Hanegraaff for his book on Western Esotericism.

Sometimes currents come together.  Some call them synchronicity, and some just tell them to go away.  The net effect of all of this has led me to a distinct disdain towards metaphysical and magical thinking in general.  I guess that some of it also has to do with constantly seeing this crazy stuff on our Facebook page all the time about masters, gurus and conspiracy theorist nutters who just suck the air out of the room where it comes to any kind of inquiry.

I honestly feel that just about all metaphysical (including Theosophy) constructs are a wasteland.  There is no curiosity, no imagination, just people who want to foist their lame and usually uninspired phantasy's on to others.  It is a control game, and a complete load of BS.  There may be a huge number of deeper truths going on, but those are not going to be discovered by anyone in this field.

I'm not going anywhere, as there are some pretty interesting conversations and a some signs of curiosity.  All in all it's much better than your average metaphysical forum.  Just don't expect me to express great praises and bow down at a tired repetition of some lame metaphysical construct that I've heard and fell asleep at for the umpteenth time.  Honestly, I am interested in original ideas and new ways to look at the world.  The real journey is the unknown possibilities and the unexplored truths that reveal themselves through persistent, honest and imaginative inquiry.

For those who want to explore Theosophy on this forum, have at it.  After all, that's the name of the site.  I'm content with the companionship of the many fine people here. Of course, that is my opinion and does not reflect the views of this site.  Those are best left to John Mead, Ramadoss, Capt. Kumar, Deb and others, who along with me make policy here.  I just won't be weighing in on such issues.  Sorry, I'm out of the metaphysics biz.

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*paves a new road for Joe to travel*

Let go of metaphysics and welcome metapolitics! 

Wise Woman!

Hail to the policy that first began

To temper with the heart to hide its thoughts,

That will not sell its honesty, or tell a lie!

Joe -

A proper HAIL!  from my side as well  !!

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General Message to Theosophy.Network:

Just an FYI

This event will not alter any current Rules of the Road or Characteristic of the Theosophy Network.


Thanks Joe. You are really kind.

As perhaps most people on this site are aware, I have myself been struggling with such questions. How does antiquity of a text guarantee its authenticity? There were some very smart people in all ages. They thought and came up with certain ideas. How do we know such ideas are genuine? Why must we keep engaging in the meaningless debates of science vs philosophy, material vs. metaphysics etc.? Why can't current knowledge be applied independently of the ancient ideas? Why must we restrict all our ideas to some central theme (karma, reincarnation, consciousness etc.)?

Joe, it is really honest of you to admit the futility of it all. You are way ahead of all of us. Please keep sharing the discoveries of your journey.

To be able, at any moment, to Sacrifice, what you are... for what you will become.


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