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First of all, I apologize for my English, but used the google translator to make it easier and quicker to write this text.

I came across a wonderful book called "Man and Desire" Saint - Martin, a founder of Martinism.

The Road to reach the lighting Started this book is described in a wonderful way and I advise reading.

Saint-Martin says:

"There is no other mystery to reach the Sacred Beginnings, but penetrating through deeper and deeper in our sermons and not fade away until we can produce vivid and edficante root, because then all the fruits that we will generate, as our species will be produced node within and without us, is what occurs naturally in our terrestrial trees, because they adhere to their own roots and incessantemnte remove the sap. "

He also says:

"What the great truths can only be taught in silence all those who can not shut up, kefir alam more who watch, can not be received in the interior path. Keep silence means close to outside influences, the actions contrary, they only bring conflicting actions. Close up around magnetize yourself is to avoid that is the very divine forces to disperse, passing us by. You create a pole of attraction, is to become the receptacle for the celestial influences. Becoming the cup that receives the divine influx. "

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Thank you!! Jonh!

I'll go see.




Another inspiring work by Saint-Martin is Man: His True Nature and Ministry, translated from the French by Burton Penny. A PDF of this work is online, here is part of his Invocation at the beginning of the book:


"And Truth, thou callest upon me, in this condition, to lift up my voice to my fellow-creatures!!

"Moreover, how can I make myself heard by men of the stream?

"Principles are all I have to offer them ; and they will answer with opinions, not to say deceptions, and fascination will make them blind to their dishonesty.

"Whatever edifice I build must be founded on their imperishable being, all shining with eternal splendour; and the last word of their science assimilates them to dead earth.

"I would animate them with a glorious desire to renew their alliance with Universal Unity, by inspiring them with some pride for their birthrights ..."

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