Sage Meercat to Disciple Dingo  --
"so by focusing on "Mind" one may overcome instinctive desires, such as running in Fear ... and yes, eating on impulse..."

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when faced with a deadly enemy... ask them a deep philosophical question and follow it up with a good defense. A good conundrum trumps a solid attack!  There is a great Doctor Who clip on attacking with philosophy as the primary opening volley/weapon. (Sylvester McCoy (sp?) I think).

Reminds me of an old Smother's Brothers bit called "The Slithery Dee"

Oh the Slithery Dee

He came out of the sea

He may catch all the others

But he won't catch me

No he won't catch me

that stupid old Slithery Dee

He may catch all the others

but he --- ( abrupt stop! Strange gulping noise! )


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