Curiosity is a wonderful thing...

So, what are some things that we can be curious about regarding the study of philosophical, metaphysical and other literature?

I'll start off by throwing out some ideas and hopefully we can get some of yours, too!

First off, how are we put together?  Whether it is in reading Platonic, Buddhist, Hindu or Freud, there are numerous descriptions and diagrams showing how we are put together, whether it be the classical breakdown of 'body, mind, spirit", physical, astral, mental, buddhi, etc.  Given advances in neuroscience and quantum physics, there may be some room for innovation in naming and descriptions.

Astrology.  One of the  major topics of discussion in astronomy as of late is the speculation regarding a 'Super-Jupiter' in the Oort Cloud, a massive asteroid-type belt that extends to about 1 light year away from the Sun.  Certainly such a body if it does exist would exert some influence, as even minor asteroids are aspected in most of the better astrology applications.

Third is how our "bodies" are diagrammed.  Most of the drawings, pictured and descriptions are based on writings between 75 - 125 years old.  Could we display these differently for those who are more in tune with USA Today or Graphjam?

Those are just a few ideas on bringing old ideas up to date.

What are yours?

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