What what the world be like if we all were spiritual? Isn't this the aim of altruism and helping others- to infect them with spirituality as well? And if that is the general aim of our endeavors, shouldn't we have some kind of idea what the word will be like once we're all "in the light?" Shouldn't we know what we are all working towards? And once we are all actually in the light, what is there left for us to do then?

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When I use the word "spiritual," I'm using it as the antithesis of "materialistic." Spirituality, to me, is the open-minded exploration of existence, whereas materialism is the blind belief that we already know all there is to know, and that you and I are nothing more than personalities and external forms. 

I will disagree here Seth. Rejection of materialism in toto has made spirituality individual centric. Material is what is created by spirit and therefore cannot be harmful.

There are several thought systems that make no distinction between materialism and spirituality. It is the "subsequent materialism", i.e. materialism being produced by materialism with no inputs from spirituality that is to blame.

I've asked this question to myself many times before. In the physical world, if we are all "in the light", I imagine a world where everyone cares more for others than themselves Thus, love, humility, compassion and peace rule. Greed, malice, envy, pride, anger and hate no longer exist. Violence is taboo.  Contentment is always at hand. Happiness is a natural occurrence. Understanding and cooperation is easily given.  An explosion of positive energy is scattered everywhere serving as a shield to all invading negative forces.  Spiritually, we grow more and closer to our TRUTH. 


"Perhaps a good question here is to ask what is it that we consider to be spiritual and then proceed to break it down into what we encounter in everyday life by providing examples."

A fundamental question. For me, spirituality is about orientation towards the Spirit, Light-World, one's inner core, or however one wants to call it.  It is an experiential matter. One either gets this idea or one doesn't. It is not something purely intellectual.

A flash of intuition is often accompanied by an unusually clear state of mind. The intuition can be described as a clear feel-know of a particular situation.

Religion as it is today has only vague ties with spirituality, being a bit of "opium for the masses". But that is a whole topic of itself.

Example of spirit in daily life: speaking out where others do not dare to. Example: whistleblowers. Need I say more? Courage is required to do so, where others are paralyzed by fear.

A good analogy to understand intuition is how SIRI the voice assistant in iOS works. It is primitive. Yet it is constructed using a new system of logic to search the RDBMS containing vast amounts of data. It learns from the repeated searches of the user refines itself. Human intuition is not magic, not paranormal or spiritual but only a very advanced logic yet to be understood. Though in absence of a proper explanation, for the time being we may consider it so.

I am in love with your analogy. 


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