How to achieve non attachment (not complete detachment)? Can anyone help me in this matter please. I need to rest my mind.

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Non attachment is a process of getting involved but not expecting anything out of it. Just 'Karma' and moving ahead. But is it possible to do the same in case of a relationship'....where we really don't expect anything out of that! At least we expect some 'adore' at the end of the day. But i have's the attachment that brings all the problem in any relation and puts us to go through sins like hate, betrayal etc. 

Let us not try to attach ourselves to non-attachment. As per my understanding of the Bhagvad-Gita, non-attachment is required towards the results whereas attachment towards action is recommended.

And Jon, Chiquitita has been my favorite too.

Well-first of all start with meditation. But not meditation like-"now your arm get heavy-then your leg get heavy". No.

Lay down and watch your thoughts. Only watch-do not try to give an answer-only watch.Maybe in the beginning it will overrun you with thought and what ever. Just watch and it will disapper. I do so since 20 years and nothing can bother me or stress me anymore.( first in the time of meditation-and since couple of time in normal life )

And then-start your antahkarana--create your own way to lift up your lower ego to the higher ego and all your desires will step by step vanish.Always think on-you are not your sences-you are not your desires, you are not your body....but your have this all and attached that. :-)

Om Patita


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