Noah's Ark, the Zodiac, the 0/9 Number System & the Preservation of Knowledge

Noah's Ark, Edward Hicks, 1846
As a continuation of 'Cataclysms and the Preservation of Knowledge', I will present below some evidence that should give readers reason enough to consider that the story of Noah's Ark of is not about an actual boat of animals in the literal sense, but rather a symbolic reference to the animal-laden circle (vessel) of life, i.e. the 360° zodiac. This symbolic vessel, whose main-frame is the 0/9 number-system and the cardinal cross and 12 months of the Earth's year, can be seen as a system  or way of preserving eternal knowledge of the 360° field and structure of time and space ... a way of preserving the divine maya (measure) of the Individual, Earth, and Cosmos. This 'vessel' can endure in the face of cataclysms, because it can be eternally rediscovered by humans, based on the geometries and dynamics of the Earth, Solar System and Cosmos. It is a seed/symbol of the unified field the individual is born from and born into. The potential contained in this seed/symbol is that the individual and the collective will evolve, in due course of time, to embody the consciousness of a dynamic Unity ... of a dynamic Wholeness. It is a symbol key not only of material knowledge, but also knowledge of the soul, spirit and destiny of the Earth and its creatures in the course of time. . . .
(To read full article, which also discusses the Vedic/Hindu mythology of Manu, please go to: Circumsolatious blog)

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Exciting research, and discovery ... Enjoyable alone just to read, but surely an important piece to interpret mythological and religious history.

I recall Blavatsky didn't necessarily agree with the 12-sign zodiac, nor the account of planets. She also has indicated on at least one occasion to my recollection that the center of the 6-pointed star was another point. Can't help but wonder if the intersection of your diagram could be indicating this?

I didn't notice in the root meanings that naos could mean "leader", suggesting Noah was a title. There is a connection to the constellation Pippus, which in ancient times would have been part of a larger constellation "Argos" (the ship/Jason and the argonaughts). This might have significance in the Mayan 2012 prediction, as the double supernovas seen through this constellation could have been a cosmic precursor, or onme leading the way as well as a (return) connection to their quetzalcoatl.

Joe and Christian, I LOVE hearing of the connections you make based on your own knowledge/studies. I wrote Joe earlier today:

'The beauty of the new birth that we are in the begining stages of, is that it is going to be a collective Self-remembering, as well as individual.'

I am not familiar with 'naos', what language is that in? It reminds me also that I did not mention the Navaho Native American tribe as being also connected to Nav/Nava of Sanskrit origin.

I will look into Jason and the Argonaughts/Argos ... I've heard of that myth, but haven't really looked into it.

Hi 360Lotus.  Additionally in re naos, I believe the Egyptians had a similar reference as I've indicated for Argos, only they positioned it in their part of the world where they saw it in a serpent like constellation there.
Very interesting.  Actually quite fascinating.  I know a good bit about the "old" astrology, but far less than I should about vedic astrology, and I am chagrined to admit, precious little about esoteric astrology, but there are only so many hours in the day, and I must sleep sometime!  :-)

Hi Paul ... I am not entirely sure what you mean by absolute circumstance and absolute morality. I am not really familiar with those terms. I don't think I would actually use either term. So no, that is not what I'm saying. Nor does any of what I write posit a stagnant 'End Time'. What I'm trying to describe in the article is the basis of understanding and orienting oneself in dynamic cycles (small and large) of time. I guess I might say that our dynamic circumstances (as represented by the Circle/Cycle) are an evolving expression of the Absolute (as represented by the Point). ... as are our concepts of morality. I suppose I would say that our continuity, our sequential developmental process (evolution) is the expression of the Absolute in Time and Space. The 12 month/stages of the zodiac and our 0/9 number system are, in truth, a pretty simple framework for comprehending the dynamism of the Absolute. ... NO COMPLICATED MATH REQUIRED! 

If you're interested here are some other posts/links that may or may clarify some things:

Thanks for commenting.

I just wrote an article with a section in it called 'Becoming a Singularity':

' must be willing to stand alone, to journey alone into the seed/core and inner matrix of the individual and collective self no matter what or who is lost in the process. That is the essence of the fearless Vedic conqueror or hero, the One who must emerge, based on the strength of his or her own soul rather than on external indicators and support, from the suffocating ignorance that holds an entire civilization in its death-grip, and establish a true – not imaginary or sentimental – alignment with the point of all existence.

'Accordingly, the symbol of Sagittarius is an arrow, which must sail through all attachments, distractions and distortions in order to reach the ‘Bulls Eye’, the target, the One … the point at the very center of the circle of the Self. This arrow symbolizes the true and absolutely sincere focus that one must have in the process of becoming a conscious Individual (microcosm) within the whole of the Cosmos (macrocosm). In order to progress beyond the chaos and randomness of the fragmented mental consciousness, one must become a singularity … one must become the Golden Seed, knowledgeable of its vast Design.'  -- from 'The Old Spirituality and the New Vision'

Dear Lori,

       It is with great fascination that I read your views and the article to which you had given a link,

. It has helped in many ways in cleaning the mirror of my intellect and led me into some very general thoughts . - would I be correct in inferring the following :(is my comprehension correct ?) Keeping very strictly the Idea of the microcosm in the macrocosm.(which for me is the thrust of the enquiry - all others being aids to its attainment ).

Many Religions (and some extant ones) had imagery and symbolism leading to the depiction of a  ''Cosmic Person"

This cosmic person was represented as holding all manifested objects within its "Body"

  Man and woman - representing the totality of humankind

  Beasts in Pairs - representing the animal kingdom in entirety

 Seeds - Representing anything born of seed.

Representations of the "Vehicle" or 'Body" was by imagery easily identifiable by the intellect (individual)  as "containers'' or collective means of transport (micro cosm in Macro)

but of fantastic proportions  to bring home the concept to a universal view that all manifestation proceeds from the infinite (or that all forms proceed from formlessness ).

The vehicle was shown as subject to "Pralaya'' of cosmic proportions .

a small digression : (beliefs may differ )

(It is well known that there is no time in the infinite - and time is born with the birth of the mind and space came next )

Back to the point :

Subtler to the cosmic "body" represented (which is subtle in itself) a Zodiac of cosmic proportions was represented - which gave the time line in infinity for the "Purusha" (all manifested worlds including our earth having manifested conciousness)

some extraneous thoughts :

So we now have a baby born in space with astrological chart and all (Micro - Macro) 

or as the depiction in the last scene of 2001 a Space Odyssey

There is a belief  in Sanathana Dharma that such conceptions help to remind the infinite not to destroy the world of sentient beings though it is capable of recreating it exactly if need be at those periods of inaction wnen consciousness is shut down completely or it sleeps known as Brahmas Night and then reawakens for another day . It seems that the dreamer is to be kept dreaming and these conceptions of a cosmic nature but peaceful and placating it to overlook the world at such times and spare it despite our abuse of it .So as far as the world is concerned - we have still not finished one Brahmas Day (consisting of both day & night) whilst many universes have come and gone never to reappear .

Hi Hari – I just re-read my Noah's Arc article, to get a better feel for your inquiry. 

Regarding the Cosmic Person: In my understanding the Cosmic Person is an individual who has realized the laws and harmonies and sacred measure of the cosmos and of the soul in him or herself. The 12 month zodiac and the 0/9 number system are measurements of the Cosmic container that extend from the Point. The Point of the 360 degree Circle … contains the infinite design like any seed contains the design of what it is to become/unfold in time. The individual and the collective can become conscious of and attuned to the design of the point/whole via the 360 degree voyage in time that is our year. The Vedic Rishis spoke of this yearly voyage as a 12 month ‘sacrifice’ … which seems odd until you think of the word sacrifice in terms of a sacred fire. The sacred fire that compels the Earth’s journey is of course the Sun.

The year is a macrocosm of the microcosm, so the Cosmic Person is pictured or symbolized as being within the circle of the zodiac, and sometimes visa versa, the Person contains the zodiac in his or her body. So it goes both ways. If you want to understand these correspondences between the micro-macro, Symbols and the Question of Unity, The Gnostic Circle and The Magical Carousel by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet are really the places to start. The idea that comes across in these books is that it is IMPORTANT to understand the dynamic design and one’s place within it … in terms of both small and vast cycles of creation.

You wrote, ‘It is well known that there is no time in the infinite - and time is born with the birth of the mind and space came next’. In my understanding, Time is not at all a creation of or subsequent to the birth of the mind, nor is Space. In my understanding Time and Space are a prerequisite unified field for the evolution of life in matter, and the evolution of mind in life, etc. So this is a curious statement to me. Sri Aurobindo wrote of ‘two powers of existence’: ‘[T]hat of the timeless Infinite and that of the Infinite deploying in itself and organising all tings in time. … The timeless Infinite holds in itself, in its eternal truth of being, beyond this manifestation, all that it manifests in Time. Its time consciousness too is itself infinite and maintains in itself at once in a vision of totalities and of particularities, of mobile succession or moment sight and of total stabilising vision or abiding whole sight what appears to us as the past of things, their present and their future.’ – Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Ch. XXV, ‘Towards the Supramental Vision of Time’, p. 897

So in this vision, the timeless POINT contains time and space, contains the whole design. This is why the sun symbol , which demonstrates the field and control of the point (such as the Sun and the circumsolar planets), and the Earth’s 12 month year which is the circle/field extending from the point, were the basis of the Vedic Rishis vision and teaching. I do believe most of our modern day religions are inevitable distortions of these early foundations of gnosis. … a fleeing away from the common Point, enjoying the Mind’s powers of division, differentiation and diversification. But this fleeing away from the point is a developmental stage … not at all a permanent condition or mind set. Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet writes of a reversal, wherein the focus necessarily shifts from scattering outward to an inward plunge to the center … not a collapse or Pralaya, but a conscious alignment and identity with the One, and its triadic character … simultaneously Transcendent, Cosmic and Individual.

Regarding the Purusha, here’s a quote from PNB’s Culture and Cosmos - 2, Part III ‘Cosmic Harmonies in Hindu Civilis...(Vishaal Newsletter, Vol. 6   No. 4   Oct. 1991) that may shed more light on the subject:

The Cosmic or Universal Purush is thus a description of that supreme Atman or Soul through which the microcosm (multiple souls) is equal to the macrocosm. Caste was a system whereby the entire society became the reflection of that greater harmony by organising it in such a way as to provide the Cosmic Being with every possible channel of expression for its evolutionary purposes. Each section of the ‘circle’ embracing the four castes was intended to be the collective instrument for that superior, integral manifestation.

The Purush is the cosmic Soul. The individual born on Earth partakes of the macrocosmic by embodying in the physical universe a spark, shall we say, of that all-encompassing Flame. Time is the essence coursing through this network, as breath rushes through the body, and it utilises the soul for creating a cosmos; or, in a succinct description of our world: a unified multiplicity.

Best of Light in your studies, Lori

Dear Lori ,

      Thank you very much ,really a lot for putting my thoughts in proper order. Thank you for shedding light (and a lot of it) to my studies as you so rightly put it. That much more ignorance less in a person , that much more the world becomes a better place to live in (I hope ). There is a certain clarity that is compelling in what you write (at least for me) . myself being a person for whom the English language is an acquired one, Errors in my thought structure would have been quite apparent to you. The perspective is clearer now , one learns as one lives . Your valuable time has not been wasted.


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