I am writing this post with extreme humility. I have a disability called my mindset. When I write I write using words I understand and give meaning to. I try not to use ambiguous words. It causes me great emotional pain to be interpreted by the reader as to what they think I meant. I am a armchair writer and write because of my experience's in my life, which I want to share with others and get feedback...uninterpreted.

I feel I might have overstepped my communicating writing disability in which case I sincerely apologize. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Paul

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Hi, Paul. I cannot agree that you're mindset is a disability. Simple ideas can be a start of great innovations or motivations. At its raw form, it is pure and unadulterated so it can accommodate the unconventional and the untested. See

Dear Paul,

        Just write as it comes from your heart , do not worry what people will think of it , writing is a cathartic experience in any case and one primarily writes for oneself and not for others , it holds true in higher writings also as there is no other person - the honesty of the attempt will more than make up for any deficiencies that may crop up for a person who might critically examine for mistakes in spelling and grammer or style. After all your experiences will be of value to us , since we cannot live your life - it will be valuable to see life through your experiences and life and living . 


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