That word confuses me. The word divinity to means God! I cannot  see me as divine only God. Please elaborate. Paul

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Dear Paul

 "Verily I say unto you , except a corn of wheat fall unto the ground and die , It abideth alone , but if it die ,it bringeth forth much fruit "

             - The Holy Bible 

Dear Paul ,

      The quote below was something which I came many years back whilst reading the Bible and It was quite striking at that time ,though not an authority on the Bible - I believe it has something to do with the metaphysical aspect of dying so that one may live . I am not sure whether I am right  in relating it to the metamorphosis of the human element to the divine in man .Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon are also some of the things which I found quite striking at that time . I again came across this same quote in the Russian author  Fyodor Dosteveskys "The Brothers Karamazov" where it was set down as a sort of dedication to the book . It is from John - but the exact reference number quite escapes me. Quite apt for the book if you ask me .

The dying is simply to the ego, or who we think,or have been told we are. when Jesus was tempted it was from His ego. Satan is our ego. When we die to our ego, or who we think we are,then we realize who we truly are.

Who do you think God is? If God is, in all things,and through all things, then who is it that actually looks out through your eyes? Our ego, or who we have been told we are thinks we are Billy,John,or Joan,or whoever. But who are you really? Are you a product of your experiences in life which are ever changing. Or maybe you are something more. Think about this. The only thing that really is, is God. 


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