Right. Well I am one for balancing out the theoretical with practical .. ie living what I think. One of the ways that I do this is through meditation practices of various kinds. I wanted to ask a couple questions (with questions inside questions, haha) of everyone else too.

1) Do you meditate? Do you do so within any tradition or style -- or is it 'freestyle' -- or does it vary? I'm purely interested to see what other people 'do'. And really ... is meditation a real part of your life or just something you do irregularly (ie are you regular and structured or not?)

2) Do you 'do' anything else that manifests your spirituality/beliefs/thoughts besides thinking into your everyday life? Ie practicing lovingkindness, supporting a charity, writing, or ...? (I'm not sure what to put here because really I'm still thinking about this one myself)

3) How do you feel about the idea that the Head should manifest itself in the Heart and through the Hands ... and the Heart in the Head and Hands, and the Hands in the Head and Heart? (ie what do you think makes a hypocrite!?!?)

Hmm I'm considering how to answer these myself. What do you each think?

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1) As the worst living buddhist on this planet, I will confess that I so rarely meditate that rarely doesn't describe it. Never wouldn't be completely accurate, either though, so I shall search my thesaurus for an appropriate description.
2) Yes, I do theosophy. I use the Golden Stairs as my instructions. Every night I do a retrospection of my interactions with others to evaluate where I could have done better. Now that I've been doing this for about thirty years, it's very much a part of my communications with three particular kinds of people: My co-workers, most of whom are my age and younger, so wisdom is the key to communicating. DAILY, at least one of my co-workers says "thank you" for something I have said, either to instruct or support. The second kind of people are the residents who live where I work. They are mostly older, so respect and compassion in that order drive those conversations, which from my end are mostly open ended questions, and lots of listening. The third kind of people are the homeless who are of all ages and backgrounds. Hearing is the key with most of them. More than a hand-out, hand-up, or handshake, knowing they've been heard by someone is the key to some self esteem. And then there's family.......I'm still working on that one.
3) Heart-Embrace
Would love to see the talented artists on this site work with that metaphor. Hmmmmmm...maybe we could have a contest?


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