Hello out there to all of you who are members but do not participate, for whatever reason.

Whether it is from being painfully shy or being afraid of criticism or just feeling that you don't have anything important to say.  We're here to tell you that it's ok to jump in.  You're not going to get flamed, called names or any other nasty thing like that.  We're not going to let it happen, pure and simple.

We go to great pains to make sure that this is one of the safest communities in the online world.  We do everything in our power to assure this, on a 24 hour basis.

We make sure the site is pretty wide open, with no paywalls or hidden, premium discussions.  We have a couple areas for volunteers and admins, but what you see here is what you get.  When you join you can use the chat feature, get an e-mail box and the right to post in any of our areas and, of course the opportunity to hang out with some absolutely wonderful people.

So if you do join, what that gets you is the right to participate.  So come on in and enjoy.

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As Joe stated, we have taken great pains in making Theosophy.Net a safe and enjoyable experience for members as well as visitors. We are a community of learners and not teachers. We have only one doctrine to follow, Share! So come and share your thoughts.


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