What is knowledge and where does it come from? Knowledge to me is the world's past history explaining their trials and tribulations to the next generations. Where it comes from is their experiences in their time. It is also said, "they who do not listen to the mistakes of the past will repeat them".

Knowledge is neither good or bad but how we understand it and use it. Common sense and a sense of morality would indicate  we are able to understand the mistakes from the past to the present. But looking at todays problems seems we have not heeded yesterdays mistakes.It would seem that power and greed has overtaken common sense and morality.

My question is, why do those who know the truth aren't bringing those who are blatantly misusing their knowledge of right and wrong, speaking up against those who choose to inflict pain and sorrow on those who seek peace for all? pljamesone@att.net

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Dear Paul ,

   There is merit in what you ask but  We have a humorous saying related to this which is very commonly used in everyday speech it goes like this :

"Why , after listening to the Ramayana completely you are asking who is Rama to Sita ? "

Paul -  I am sorry that I made an inappropriate statement . By way of expiation - Ramayana is the oldest  Indian Epic written before the Vedic period  and The two names refer to the main protagonist (Rama) and his wife (Sita). In a nutshell it is a story of a wife and husband couple being broken by another man coveting and succeeding in carting away the lady (an evergreen theme ) . Much as Homers Paris and Helen of Troy .It is really nothing .

Hello Paul. Good and Evil, Sufferings and Joys - some may be call those as experiences which my lead one to knowledge which my lead one to the TRUTH. TRUTH itself could be attribute-less. Without good or evil. Should it be so, how would you term yours so perceived evil deeds. Would you have found the way to the TRUTH without those experiences?

Zoon Poliktikon (Man is a Polictical animal ) also . Wonder where the differences start to blur !!

"My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” ~ Nikola Tesla

People think of knowledge in a static way, They understand our knowledge can grow or expand, they never consider how it also shrinks or contracts.

Knowledge moves like a single celled organism. If you could take all information and lay it out in such a way that the interconnections or interactions of this information were represented, our current understanding would be an indeterminable shaped blob that expands in a direction and retracts from another, making it look like it moves around (maybe it does).

I like the way you look at it.

I started thinking though, can you have 2 or more blobs?

"blob, bob, blob"


but all kidding aside, what you describe sounds like what I might describe as "noosphere" 


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