Following the 2nd object in Theosophy - the study of Comparative Religions - I have started an activity in the Theosophical Society in the Philippines (TSP) on the study of Kabbalah, the Jewish Mysticism. I would like to link it to more familiar concepts in Theosophy. I am a new student in Kabbalah and I will appreciate any inputs on this subject. I can post some of the materials I have gathered - so far. This is "work-in-progress".

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Thanks, Joe Fulton. I will check if indeed Theosophy is also "Zoharic". I read HPB's Kabbalah and Kabbalism. She tried to disprove the claims of Kabbalah - for instance, the Theosophic position of "septenary" bodies of Man is not supported by Kabbalah. I will welcome any inputs to this subject.
This is very fortunate: a free book on Theosophy in Kabbalah. I was looking for such an input. Many thanks, John Rau. Appreciate your help. Noel


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