Going on the offensive in the intellectual wars over the public’s ideologies is both dangerous and potentially extremely rewarding.

If we are to convince others around us to follow us, and in the process leave behind everything they used to know, those we wish to convince will need to know they will be OK. Love is the ultimate tool to ensure someone else feels OK. If we are going to begin tearing down others’ mental frameworks, they need to simultaneously know that something more beautiful and realistic and loving will take its place. Most of all, they just need to know they will be ok. It’s rare to find an individual who will peruse truth no matter the consequences to him/herself, so the general public must be persuaded to find the truth with promises of love, peace, and understanding. Promises which, if they do sincerely begin to seek truth, they will find fulfilled.

Therefore, as we broadcast our “destructive” messages aimed at the general population’s false ideations and beliefs, we must simultaneously communicate a sense of love and belonging. Otherwise, people will fear us too much to become one of us “truth seekers.”

If we do pursue this avenue, what messages will we communicate first? Is there anything concrete we could all agree on?

What channels of communication will we use? How much money can we come up with? How much money are we willing/able to expend on this endeavor? What is the most cost-effective way of influencing our cultures?

Perhaps an advertising assault is just what the world needs to wake up. 

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  yes, people in this website are so very fond of weapons/tools... 

  I don't think that a warlike frame like this one can lead to any good

  true love is sacred and this means that is not to be used... you use it, then it is not true love anymore... but you are free, do as you will!

True love is doing whatever must be done in order to help the other. If that means going on the offensive, so be it. Just because weapons and war generally have negative connotations, does not mean that they are inherently bad in their more metaphorical sense. "For everything, a reason."

 yes, I am ready to defend against those that have the right to attack because "they know better"


This is rightfully a fair warning. However, with communication open and with the availability of other opinions, in time, I believe it will be very difficult to convince people about anything.  I attended a marketing conference early last year and the buzz word is no longer branding but originality, quality and genuineness. More and more people  tend to rely on comments about a product before they buy.  Hence, a shift back to mouth to mouth info:  only this time it has wider audience in the internet.  For me, as long as what you convey is true to heart without any tint of selfish or hidden agenda, it will be picked up and spawned. If not, then we just have to pursue this until such time people reach this level of understanding.  I still put my trust in the intelligence of a human being and sometimes failure is a bitter pill to swallow.  No matter what restrictions we put in place or weeding out we make, there will always be the dark side that lurks behind.  So, my prayer is that good spirits continue to sow their messages eternally and never waiver to any veiled threats and EVIL. 

Therefore, as we broadcast our “destructive” messages aimed at the general population’s false ideations and beliefs, we must simultaneously communicate a sense of love and belonging. Otherwise, people will fear us too much to become one of us “truth seekers.”

This is a very interesting counter view that you have brought out Seth. Thanks.

While one way of looking at a disagreement could be presumption of another's POV as "false ideation and belief", another could be learning, sharing and exploring. Historically all the humanity's knowledge has been advanced through disagreements only. The discovery of relativity did not "destroy" Newton's laws of motion but only defined boundaries for its application.

While some may be devastated by the realization that they pursued false ideation, others may take it as learning and continue to pursue further. Not all message, therefore would qualify as "destructive" while some may.

 ooooh... I wanted to read the last reply by ROlly but it has been deleted... of course, quoting from certain books it's an unforgivable sin in this theosophical warfarical site...

 I'd write more, but now I'm fearing that if I am sincere will get myself deleted... so I just thank the admins who care so much for the purity of place while I wonder if irony is still appreciated here 


 when I saw the title of the thread in facebook, I thought "it must be a joke" and then I found out that this is just a confusion... 

  if we take this as a starting point: " if we are to convince others around us to follow us"  the consequence is simple: truth is not at all needed.. all is needed is some idea (it does not matter much which) with only one condition: the idea is not to be understood, never... if people understand, they don't follow anymore but ask difficult questions and quote forbidden books

 those you wish to convence will have to BELIEVE or imagine that will gain some profit from the idea you are trying to sell? impose? on them, and telling them that there will be "more love" is the oldest trick in the game 

 yes, it is true that few individuals search truth for its own sake and not out of greed, to gain profit of the effects of "knowing a bit more" than the average person... you got your title,  you get your fees

 these few individuals are the hope of survival of human species in this planet

"these few individuals are the hope of survival of human species in this planet"

The question is... is there a way to have more of those "few individuals"?  This surely isn't a race between ego's of those "few" to gain all that knowledge in their search for truth. I think those few that may actually already realize that, are asking this same question 'There has to be a way'.  Or is it that we mustn't worry about those out there and just stick it out on our own?  Does there have to be a reward system? I know there will always be opposition, is that not enough?

  in my opinion, the unbalanced development of science and technology in the last 2 centuries endangers the whole ecosystem, this is why I used the word "survival"

 if there is a way, it's an ethical way... this means that each one is to choose himself or herself... if anyone needs to have many of his or her side, then it's not ethics anymore... if the inner sense of ethics and social pressure go in contrary directions, there is a chance of developing courage or cowardice

 there IS a way, you can find it if you so will 

The idea I would be promoting is "the search for truth," that's all. People become trapped within their own mental frameworks, and it would be our mission to release them from those said mental frameworks. 

In the beginning, the people we'd wish to convince would need to "believe" that love and understanding would come next, but the believing would end rather quickly, as they would actually find these things themselves. I do not wish for anyone to accept anything based upon ungrounded faith, but instead I wish them to become explores and free thinkers themselves. 

And PuzzleSolver asks very good questions. I do believe there is a way to create more "few individuals." And I think the trick may be in making ourselves know. In order to fix an old broken system, one must build a better system to replace it. But when these systems exist solely within our minds, we not only have to build a better system, but we must also broadcast it.

  I don't have anything to do with any beliefs... people prefer to believe and follow simply because thinking, studying with some depth and practicing are quite harder

 you don't seem to realize that you are trying to "be like God" when you want to create more "individuals"... if you or anyone can condition someone into being an "individual", then he will not be a true individual anymore, but your creature or slave, no more.. a true individual is made from within!!!! this is the reason why I wrote that I am ready to defend against any "system"

 there is a way to help people become the true individuals they are in potency: it's called education, but it's not practiced in this planet except in very rare cases, and never "officially"

 misunderstood Christian background multiplied by fringe science or by the unnameable lady's writings produces the same result: bigger misunderstanding




Judging by your writing style, it's rather ironic that you so vehemently detest intellectual war...

But what's the difference between what I'm proposing and education? I'm not trying to brainwash people, but maybe show them a new way of seeing things they've never thought of before. My sole motivation in doing all of this is love. Can you say the same about whatever it is your doing?


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