This section is for people who just want to talk about Imagination within no academic/formal framework.

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My jaw hit the floor when I gain a "fuller" understanding of intuition, and insight.

Insight is the lightening bolt cutting it's way through, taking the shortest path to ground.

Intuition is the leader that springs upward to guide it home.

well, a theosophist uses imagination as an active tool. It charges the air, so to say, where the lightening bolt can discharge.

Imagination also is used to advance back up (from where we are in the physical) - to help understand the original Hermetic phrase: as Above, so Below; as  Below, so Above;

In fact, Imagination is used to understand all the hieroglyphs, and clues in nature. This helps to understand higher Truth and then to progress from the Below to the Above. We are stuck in the Below, initially. We need that tool, imagination, to boot out of our limited reality and allow intuitive insights to occur. Without imagination, no theosophical progress is possible. The images in Nature need Imagination in order to understand them.

The ORCH OR theory of the mind/body/consciousness problem solves most of the issues with free will and consciousness (possibility of such) using standard physics and brain science. So, does this relate to imagination by giving rise to free will so that it can Imagine?

The theory shows that the quantum field equations are applicable to normal brain activity. Where does imagination come from? is it in the quantum physics, or does it lie in the Human higher plane which uses (quantum) physics to operate the body/mind? Mind clearly has a primary role here, not physics (or to me it does).

Also, where does the Brain come into play? A storehouse of lower knowledge with free will attributes seems to declare itself as a source for new ideas and helps in imagining. The surface level (consciousness vs subconsciousness) can maybe play a role that confuses Truth, understands Truth and also a combination of other aspects and opinions with emotions seemingly stored in brain activity and not the higher self.

Imagination does seem to have a higher plane of operation at times (or does it?). Intuition seems to be triggered by images and imagination,  which often originate from the lower planes, leading to the insight/intuition.

How does this all fit together in theosophy?


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