This section is for people who just want to talk about Imagination within no academic/formal framework.

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Imagination influences not only our projections into the future, but also our perceptions of the past, and therefore our current experiences as well.

Yes! The experiences from imagination is a great tool to also give great insight into how the spiritual world works as well (or rather, insights of it).

It Can give "insight" about anything/everything, but as is true (I believe) with anything/everything, it has an equal potential for harm. My warning would be "Anytime something fabulous is recognized, look for that balancing harm, it is there. The harder it is to find, or the more persistently it seems to keep it's secrets hidden, the larger our lack of understanding. This should be our yardstick before we go putting to much "faith" in our "truth" of it.

The point I was trying to make with my earlier post, is that even our science "facts" of today, still have some level of "imagination" in them. <grin>

I basically agree.

Science discoveries are usually inspired by imagination. Whether it is an experiment or theory, one has to imagine and then ask the question "what if".

"what if" is imagination at it's finest. "what if" is us testing our understanding in a useful way. We ask "what if" predict to the best of our understanding, and compare the outcome. Thats how we become "more conscious", how we grow.

How does one use Imagination and keep from creating wild speculation, as Truth, when using Imagination? It is a great tool for gaining insight into Truth, but it can be unwittingly used carelessly and the person can end up believing fiction for Truth. How does one bridle this? Perhaps combining it (imagination) with Intuition?

It seems I'm not making myself clear. My position here is that it is all imagination. Not so long ago it was wildly speculated that the earth was round, or that the earth was not the center of everything.

To answer your question directly, one can't alone.

That's why it is so important that we interact with each other honestly, openly, and respectfully. If we all accurately represent our understanding, in our lives, then any wild speculation from ones imagination is quickly apparent.

we really are one, not separate individuals.

imagine if the cells in our bodies wanted to assert their own consciousness.

Thanks for the reply. I basically agree, though mass delusions can exist.

I was changing focus a bit here. Some popular beliefs are pretty "far out" and rather unlikely. One has to have some tool/way to filter the junk out.

One of the problems I see is that we tend to think that because we use the same words that everyone has the same meaning for them, and for the most part that is probably true. Just how much would the meaning of each word have to differ before the accumulation of those small differences confuses a conversation?

I could talk about "God", but until you get to know me (at least to some degree), you may or may not have the same perception of what "God" is. So it wouldn't be to difficult for me to say something that seems "out there" to you, but is actually reasonable from my perspective.

Of course without knowing which beliefs your talking of, I'm talking in pretty general terms.

The instances of mass delusion I am aware of were centered around an individual who claimed "special" or "secret" knowledge, and was able to convince others to follow his "dream", even though they had little understanding of it.

What an appropriate quote of the day for this discussion.

“Do not repeat after me words that you do not understand. Do not merely put on a mask of my ideas, for it will be an illusion and you will thereby deceive yourself.”

― Jiddu Krishnamurti

good point!

One of the classics was when a famous theosopher said he was communicating with the races on Mars. In later editions of the book, the publisher pulled those sections out (There were many who believed it hook line and sinker...  then nothing was ever said again after several years).


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