Can someone get some demographics on the major theosophical organizations, including:

TS Adyar (all sections)
Indian Section
American Section
TS Pasadena
ULT (yes, I know each group is autonomous)
Temple of the People

I'm working on an update for an article I wrote in January over on TC.

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India - 12,917
USA ~ 4,000
World Wide - 29,014
Hi Joe,

Here are TS Adyar membersip statistics 2007/2008:

Best regards,
I don't think there ARE public stats on the other theosophical organizations though. TS Adyar has only recently made these things public (thanks to people like Anton).
> I wonder why that is? Perhaps this is the first time that this question has been asked recently.

Anyway it seems that T.S. never made a great secret from it. I remember that in early 1990's, without being a F.T.S., I was informed about the numbers, but I don't remember by whom. Maybe by Kurt Berg, then chairman of EFTS.


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