Today I am researching computers and social networks.

Jessica, I know is out there becoming a great Excel guru.

Paul Lee James is getting acquainted with meditation.

What are you looking in to or curious about?

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fix MS!!!!   I've been doing that since the early 80's.....      =8^O

Linux had a screen saver that would display various BSD dumps/crashes ...  I loved it.

Joe is an official Guru.

You may want to try Open Office -- I like it. Compatibility is much better than MS,  (my experience)


I am researching if there are any parallels between operations of social networks and neural networks.

Today I was researching biology of greed and found that one hormone Oxytocin is being blamed for it.

I am researching psychology (the new DSM-5 is out for all those who care) and specifically I have been looking into Jung and William James (James was a Theosophist, by the way).  Fascinating stuff and fun because with my job I get to use what I learn and actually see how close to reality theory is.

Thanks Jessica,  I did reply and that is a very interesting subject, thanks for pointing it out, hope you are well!!

why "-5"? I was surprised they did that change from past versions. MD's don't know what DSM-V would be?

oh well.

I've been watching and waiting for it several years.It had some material online. Is there a website where one can look up items?

Now, it is a matter of cost.

Long overdue.

time to protest/petition for: DSM ५

another article DSM-5

(Psychology Today)

The attempt to make everything based on Nueroscience is partly the problem. The effect of all this reaches into the Drug companies' research as well.

That's cool Joe! I'm working on my 800 series of the A+ Cert... I should just go take the test already.

But what I'm really researching and cool to know about is COFFEE, The goods and the bad's, the in's and out's of that mysterious little bean that brings us so much joy :D

haha, I wonder what you have found out so far..I know that too much of it can speed up the heart rate though, or even cause major headaches too though..happy researching! :) 

Back in December/January 1976/77 I can contemplatively conceived of a cycle in the first chapter of Genesis.  More than half a lifetime has since past by and I have at times visited this theory over and over again.  In fact it is what initially proved to me there was a very scientific system of thought esoterically codified to the Judeao Christian Scriptures.  In 1983 just after discovering what the cycle was, which expanded out to 1584 cycle, I was almost driven insane because the elation of discovery would not allow me to sleep so I had to seek sleeping pills to put the unconscious mind back where it belonged. I was in April 1983 that this discovery was made but I sought another ancient work that could possibly hold the esoteric science between its covers.  I lighted on to Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia and eventually broke its mathematical system which I published in 1998.  In course of all that time I had researched much of occult literature and esoteric philosophies and psychology, mythology and religions around the world.  I eventually published the rudiments of the esoteric science as I understood it at the time in 2003 and I went unto studying the symbolism of the artwork of the Catholic Church, which led me to publish my work on the Sistine Chapel 2006 and 2012.

I mention all this above to point out that I never got back to the cycles of Genesis with any serious intent.  Now that I am 65 and have but a few short years (maybe 10) I have come full circle and am on the cycles again but this time with a lifetime of research behind me.  I basically know what the first four chapters of Genesis are saying and know their basic esoteric structure but now I have to cull out their numerous nuances. The mysteries of the soul/psyche and the life we live in this material plane of existence is so much more mysterious than we could ever have imagined.

There is in the soul/psyche a basic matrix: Prima Materia, which radiates out like the rays of the sun unto the screen of the five senses.  This is a generic matrix, which creates the illusion of the world.

As human beings living in the world we don't even know of this matrix.  We go about life the best we can and we create a theater out of the star studded universe and we draw figures of the Zodiac in order to navigate the stars for many reason: religion, agriculture, calendar, ects.  It was the spiritual minded people that did this and they basically were the intelligentsia of society.

Man began to mirror image the heavens onto the earth as in sky/earth interface: "as above so below": however, this is a misnomer, it should be "as below so above" as Christ says in the New Testament, "what thou binds on earth will be bound in heaven and what thou loose on earth will be loose in heaven".  Remember that Michelangelo in the role of Michael the Archangel went up to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to paint the fresco as a commentary on the twelve frescoes beneath the popes in the life cycles of Christ and Moses.

This reflects back to the primordial matrix, generic matrix exuded into the world, which simultaneously our personal idiosyncrasies also radiate into the world at the same time.  This is why the heavens exude back to us individually what is in our soul/psyche.  No man can fake it.  We ask the question, "why does not God answer our prayers?"  The answer is that he does answer our prayers according to our true desires not phony prayers.

This is probably the last task that I will endeavor to complete in my lifetime because I know it will take a few years to complete.

     I am researching on the subject of focusing. I had found this book by Anne Weiser Cornell, Ph.D called "The Power of Focusing" and had bought it because it had looked to be very promising for me in a sense that it would be able to assist in me understanding how to get rid of negative energies that persist inside of me. Along with that though I have just a strong interest also in Zen meditation and the tarot/astology.Also, lately LOA has become of great interest to me as well.  I had just decided meditation to be my main study for right now like this evening to do lots and lots of reasearch on for myself for however long it takes as I have been struggling right now (especially) in my life. I would like to become a master of meditation one day too. 


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