Why do you think we're here? What is the reason for existence? Or, more simply put, just WHY?

Could it be that we are here to elevate ourselves, in a never ending cycle of improvement and exploration?

Could it be that we are here as the experiment of some all powerful deity in order to see what would happen?

Could it be there is no reason at all, and that everything just is, and that what we think of ourselves isn't even ourselves at all, but just an intellectual idea that has no basis in reality?

Could it be we are here simply to love?

Open discussion here. No commitments. No proof needed. Just speak your mind, your ideas, your hopes, your fears. Here's to learning and breaking out of our mental shells.

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Within our very essence is the need or desire to rearrange the information we are aware of in every conceivable way in an effort to expand our awareness of more information so that we can develop more perspectives (informational arrangements) in a never ending pursuit of why.

Awesome :)

I love this response too and also the one Jason said about the feeling that "the nature of evolution is love."

Makes me wonder what relation there are between  so called "informational arrangements" made via thinking and 'love" as we normally understand the term (i.e. as pertaining to the affective). Perhaps we might investigate other dimensions of the meaning of love that are broader and more inclusive : as in the ideas of compassionate wisdom or the non dual interpenetrating union of the wisdom of compassion with skillful means.

I think the definition of "informational arrangements" or what the Buddhists call the skandha of "formations" in Sanskrit,  "Sankhara" - needs to be broad enough to include all types of psychological arrangements and formations, not just those we think, but also every combination possible composed of of thoughts, feelings, intuitions and sensations. These are the components of our direct experience and it's interpretation. The very same contents and functions of consciousness that Jung wrote were the components of consciousness and the ego's ability to know, apprehend and evaluate (i.e. epistemology).

Interesting thread.

I have always felt we are but a sub component of a much bigger machine, one that requires our existence to evolve itself, and the nature of evolution is love. Our individual responsibility is to create and develop our own consciousness which allows the evolution of the whole, and fulfills our own destiny in turn. Probably a synthesis of my years of Theosophical influence, but it is the answer to me that makes the most sense. Great topic and some interesting responses.

Hmmm. I struggled with this question for a long time. I finally came to this: we are here because our parents had sex, and their parents had sex. Whatever meaning there is to our life, only we can bring. There is no inherent meaning. I do believe in reincarnation so I do believe  that our soul is on a learning journey. Bu as to meaning of life, that is up to us.

The way you started it made me laugh... it reminded me of a comic pic I posted on my Genetics class forum:

and you are right, it is up to us :) unless of course there's those that think there is no free will and all is predestined and predetermined.. but that's another matter.

I think about this. One day I will die. The sun will not stop shining. The earth will not stop spinning. The stars will continue to flicker in the sky. The birds will keep singing. Very few will notice and of the few who notice, they will forget about it within a week and go about their lives. Perhaps family will feel the loss for a longer time but then they too will move on.  This is the impermanence of all things. This is the emptiness of all things, anatta. Is there a purpose for me being here? That is for me to make happen. At one time I slaved over questions like this, then I decided to just live my life, and my life would let me know why I am here and what I am to do. No-one's mission is any better or more important than anyone else's. I am enjoined to do but one thing, live a life of compassion. We humans tend to think we are so important,that our "reason" for being here is so important. But the universe did not notice when we came into the world and it will not notice when we leave it. We are all part of the greater whole. We are just a  part of the comings and goings of the Tao. The best we can do is make a difference in the lives of others, somehow.And if we don't, don't worry, someone else will.

I agree that we are all a part of the greater whole, and that the best we can do is make a positive difference in the lives of others, but I must add (and with the sincerest respect to you and your views) that the rest of the way of you view reality seems to be unnecessarily bleak. How could one know what the universe thinks, and whether or not it notices if we are gone? It's just an assumption. And, if we are going to be making assumptions about how this existence of ours' works, why not make those assumptions the most positive they can be? Believing that the universe knows and cares about us and our lives and our loves will only help us in the end, even if that belief is false. It makes us brighter and happier beings, and by being brighter and happier, we are much more able to help our fellow man. And just because change is the only constant, it does not mean that the temporal and ephemeral things around us are empty and meaningless. Surely, if its here, it must have some use, it must have some meaning. 

And last, I'd like to add, if your mission is to live a life of compassion, your mission is absolutely beautiful. You and your kind are elevating this world. Thank you.


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