Here are some videos about how to use Ning sites.  This will be useful if you're new here.  These are provided courtesy of the GovLoop Ning site.  While some items are unique to GovLoop, most of their guides apply here equally well.

Many thanks to Jeroen de Miranda from the Ning Creators Network for suggesting this exciting resource.  ENJOY!

How-To: Find Cool People on GovLoop

How-To: Search for Cool Content on GovLoop

How-To: Invite Colleagues to Join GovLoop

What's the Difference Between Blogs, Groups and Forums on GovLoop?

How-To: Set Up Groups and Events on GovLoop

How-To: Add a Video to GovLoop

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As of today, June, 28, 2011, we also have a menu structure on that will inform you more deeply on the ideas about our venture. An integral vision of what spirituality is about is developing, and with that comes practical info and education on self-help, group work, ecological and social perspectives. We hope you will participate to your fullest ability in this venture. Don't be shy! Bring in your expertise on subject matters. Also, consider making a link to on your homepages, blogs, facebook page and websites. Spread the news and contribute!
This is really commendable work, Martin. Congratulations.!!! 


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