Hi! I'm new to this forum and not sure where should I post this so i'll make my shot here. My name is Sam and I'm part of a big family which has a vivid interest in Theosophy in general and H.P.Blavatsky's books in particular. What we're most interested in is the description of Ether she gives in one of her books called "Secret Doctrine". In in she writes:

It must be stated that Occult Science recognizes seven cosmical elements, four entirely physical and the 5th (Ether) semi-material, as it will become visible in the air towards the end of our Fourth Round...

Occult Science has been teaching for ages that A’kasa — of which Ether is the grossest form — the fifth universal Cosmic Principle (to which corresponds and from which proceeds human Manas) is, cosmically, a radiant, cool, diathermanous plastic matter, creative in its physical nature, correlative in its grossest aspects and portions...

We'd like to ask the much respected members of Theosophical community to give us answers to the following questions:
What exactly is referred here as "Occult Science"? Where could this information be obtained by H.P.Blavatsky? If it's a religious/esoteric text, what is the name of the text?
If it's a specific person from whom she received this information, how do we find this person's direct successors? Your help would be much appreciated!

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For Occult Science, it varies between authors. Rudolph Steiner has an entire book on the subject. As to HPB, her approach is outlined in The Secret Doctrine. HPB got her info from "Masters" she communicated with. The "Masters" can be found in The Masters Revealed by K. Paul Johnson. If you look for them anywhere else, you will be told they are part of the "White Brotherhood" worshiped by various Theosophical Societies. (controversial). Another source for Occult Science is Meher Baba's God Speaks. That book is easier to make sense out of.

HPB's theories are referred to as Blavatskyism, the religion/cult put forward in her Secret Doctrine.

Since I do not worship HPB and her "Masters" I usually come under fire from others....   <G>

I forgot to add the ultimate Hindu source for Occult Science, which is Pantanjali's Yoga Sutras. I would recommend the translation by Taimni called The Science of Yoga.

Thank you, John. I've studied this one ( Pantanjali's Yoga Sutras) a while ago but i don't think there were any specific details like those found in Blavatsky's book (that Ether "will become visible in the air") or any attempts to describe its appearance. I'll look closely at the other two you mentioned. Can you also tell me the name of Steiner's book. Thanks again.

Steiner's book:

Occult Science References


You might also check out:  "The Holy Science"  by Sri Yukteswar

just BTW, one of his disciples was Paramahansa Yogananda  (Autobiography of a Yogi).

Thank you, John!


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