Happy Birthday to the Light of my Life!

Susan, you are the BEST!!!

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Wishing you many happy returns of the day, Susan. 
Happy Birthday Susan!

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Warm thoughts your way  -- ENJOY YOUR DAY SUSAN!  [big hug]

 Belated but heartfelt wishes for the coming year.  May it be so marvellous that you forget the difficulties of the year just past!

My friend Pam whom yet met in Taos shares the same birthday, btw,-- 60 days from mine, hence exact sextile Suns, no wonder I like you :)


Yes, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Susan, many more to come!

Happy Birthday Susan!

well.... at my age it is another day older and one more closer to death (sorry - Pink Floyd brain cells still seem to work....)

Anyway, Congrats! and best wishes!!

Many, many thanks to all of you!  How sweet!  I did not get on the site yesterday, as Joe gave me a Kindle and an Amazon credit card for my birthday, so as you can imagine, I had to lay in bed and download books and read all day just to be polite, since he brought me breakfast in bed, as well.  It's all about being polite.  And reading, which is my favorite sport.

Again thanks to you all.  Looking forward to this 58th trip around the sun..........

Happy Birthday Susan!


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