I am having great problems with this scripture. Any bible scholars out there? Quote" the earth was empty and void, then God walked upon the waters"? Question, If the Earth was empty and void how did God walk upon, which was not created yet...water? Paul

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Hi Paul -

many parts of the Bible are best understood metaphorically. The literal interpretation is very confusing and self-contradicting.

People may choose to go with a literal interpretation/translation. That is their right.

I've never gotten a literal interpretation to make sense to me.

compare the two descriptions of creation in Genesis 1&2. Those, nearly side by side, are not consistent. What order were things created in? I find it very confusing.




Do the words metaphorically and ambiguous relate to each other? Both mean using one word to mean something else? I agree with you that both verses are different, but further in the bible there are references to some order of how God created the heavens first then the Earth then our sun moon and the other planets. I am one of these that believe in order in the third line theres's order.My opinion only. Paul

Dear ,

There is difference between Empty and Void. Empty indicates about physical substances of nature with life. VOID is vaccume . Vaccume has again NIL NOT levels. Vaccume has chill Ether and ether looks like water vapor state. When a person in trance saw the past while writing the sacred books he had to explain to normal human beings to understand HOW it looked like he explained the ether Vapours as water vapors and the lord walked upon it. LORD is light level not the physical level of what you see ( ATMAN) . A person who is not able to under stand the high level of scientific theory had to be given small examples to under stand how it looks like. The language of BIBLE or sacred text to be under stood under deep meditation under good teacher with out looking in to the religion aspect. The notation is correct     


The glass is empty I understand. God created heaven first then the Earth. Both were (spoken) into creation. I still do not understand, to many synonyms. Space is empty and void, nothing there, nothing. I am supposing that heaven was already created and had substance so God walked on that substance/ a form of land,water vapor so to speak, between the heaven and Earth? Paul


Space is strange stuff....

empty is usually meant as no matter or energy contained in it ...  so in a sense it is void of anything real.

The Void in empty space is a bit complicated. If one has no matter and energy, then it is a "zero point" in terms of matter and energy - nothing. If there was something, then it would no longer be a "zero point"; the zero point would actually be a positive number of the energy within the space.

The Zero Point exists. Furthermore, there is no "negative" energy. However - here comes the dilemma -- space is bubbling with particles (Virtual particles) which pop in and out of existence. On can not get rid of that. So, that effect is true.

It also can be observed via the casimer effect, which causes, e.g., two parallel plates in empty pace to attract very slightly. This has been measured. Virtual particles exist and effects do occur.

hence Void is complicated. True void is where space does not even exist. Curved space (contains gravity and/or energy) bends and deforms into... where?  what does it bend into? It is like a sphere, where the sphere surface contains all life/space (that is a 2-dimensional example only). and bends around in a 3rd dimension/ (the interior of the sphere). However - that "space" is not needed to bend into. The surface is all that exists. This is a weird result in Geometry. So,... Void is where not even space exists.

(A Doctor Who show got that right; I was impressed).


You're the only one who has come close to explaining it to me. I am convinced that empty and void mean empty and void. Excellent answer science wise I like the first which says, it's empty and void.Thank you. Paul



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