Besides polluting the environment by cross-pollination, here is one more reason to ban GMOs:

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The most heinous is the selling of high-yield seeds that were modified to produce only sterile (can not germinate) crop. Hence - each year you had to buy seed. again. I think they still do this. In any case - the seed that yielded fertile crops may have been inferior as well (seems to be the case in our own garden). The second and third generation apparently suffers from inbreeding (?). That never happened back in the 50's/60's  Seed selling is an economic racket as well.


All the roundup resistant crop is inadvertently creating roundup resistant "weeds" now, through normal evolutionary channels.

The above may have changed some. my data may be off by a few years now.

GMO's are everywhere... this is a serious deal. I've switched off all types of foods but alas it's just in everything. Recently in my state Prop 286 died which was a ban on any Raw milks.. I've kept my family off regular store bought milk for quite a while, now that 286 is gone, we'll be happy to return to some all natural goodness which is still hard to find.  About the crops, I live in a agricultural state New Mexico, while the seeds are everywhere (GMOs) there are still plenty of organic/natural farmers that completely grow their own foods just for that reason. In fact both my neighbors own farms, and a neighbor down the street is a big Washington Govt official that knows exactly why he has his own farm :)  This thing goes deep and I feel sorry for some of these farmers that have such a hard time with these take overs hard set on keeping things going like that for them.. Many have received hefty fines, jail time, and millions lost in shutdowns.  There's a good documentary called Farmageddon  if anyone is interested in seeing how these farms and people get seriously strong armed, it's just like a Mafia movie. 
Here's the trailer for it:

Hmm.....  I ate some grits last Friday night (something southerners eat quite commonly) but I have not had them in a long long time.  Anyway, whatever I ate just knocked me right out, almost like I'd been drugged.  It was very weird.  I wasn't particularly tired, and all I had was eggs, grits, and link sausage, and only a small portion of sausage, at that.  The eggs were free range organic, but the rest was just regular grocery store fare.   I didn't wake up until 10 the next morning, and even then I could hardly function.  Even after a couple of cups of coffee, I still felt like I'd been hit by a truck.  It was just plain weird.  It was middle of the afternoon before I could get it together enough to get on with my day!    I wouldn't doubt that the grits are probably GMO.  They're a common brand in the grocery stores around here. 

I share PS's frustration with trying to find unadulterated food to eat!  Seems like there is something wrong with just about all of it.  Unless you grow it - or raise it - yourself, there's not a lot you can do. 


Looking at the macro level, is there any option left but GM food to feed the exponentially increasing population. Today we are 7 billion plus, by 2050 we may touch 10 billion. The area under agriculture may decline significantly to house all those people. Whatever is left of forests will disparager too. Climate change is already affecting the poor farmers world over. Is there any option left but GM food?

Humanity has paid the price for all technological advances. From the discovery of fire to the wheel to the nuclear energy. Why are we afraid of paying the price for GM food without which the humanity may not survive.

The real point of debate should be how to control the greed of corporations and their shareholders - ordinary people like you and me. Though I am not aware of any studies in this regard, but I am sure several people who swear by organic foods would buy the stock of Monsanto at the first opportunity. After all, organic farming is relatively expensive and those who can afford organic food can surely invest in stocks. The poor have no such choice though. And I am also quite sure that all the media stories about the dangers of GM food, the various comically drafted legislations world over are sponsored by one GM food corporation or the other. It keeps them in business and increased profits.

It is not the abuse of technology. It is the failure of spirituality.

GM food not necessary. There is an increasing array of options: proteins from insects, aquaponics, less grain-based diets, and so on. Artificial meat might be added to the list in future times.

Permaculture can be more productive than conventional farming (French research shows that) and is certainly much better for the soil condition.

When all costs of conventional farming would be included into the price, I believe organic farming to be in a level playing field. But by all means do your own research.


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