For those of you who are interested in what we are about, we have developed a new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

It covers topics such as;

What is Theosophy?

What is Theosophy and/or Esotericism in Academia?

and goes over other topics such as Esotericism and Occult Science. 

Basically this will give you a basic run-down of what Theosophy.Net is all about.

All this can be viewed on the new FAQ by clicking the image below:

For more information on Theosophy,
you can also check out "Theosophy A Beginners Guide"
by selecting the image below:

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Sheldrake should know these are not right. But his broad appeal to the spiritual communities rather color his work, so he is willing to sell to them the ideas they want to hear. Perhaps it is all a money issue. I do not know. It does do damage though.

BTW, if G and c were not constants over the last 25+ years, the entire GPS system would have failed and your GPS (if you have one) won't work. Also think about a fluctuating G and how it would affect Planetary motions in the short and long term both. G is very hard to measure. Cavendish (late 1800's) created the idea we often try to duplicate today. More than 3-4 significant figures would be about the best one can do until a brilliant idea occurs to someone...

Thanks John.

India goes to polls to select candidates for the national parliament during April-May 2014. New Delhi will vote on 10th April. Last December I became a volunteer for a new fledgling party formed on the plank of anti-corruption. My work involves not seeking votes for the party but educating the poor and the underprivileged voters not to sell their votes for money, liquor, caste, religion or any other consideration.

This work consumes far more time than I had originally anticipated. The complexities and diversities of India can only be experienced but rarely explained. Anyhow it is primarily for this reason that I have been absent.

That sounds like a lot of Public Service work. I see why you have been so busy!

We appreciate your participation!  I hope to hear more from you as your schedule permits.


Back to the FAQ

The above discussion illustrates two main points.

The first is that we rely on actual facts not just author popularity. To do so, we rely on many facts, but will favor the peer-reviewed over unfounded speculations. We also have the right to stray from this as/if needed.

The second is that we consider Science to be at a point in history to finally have the tools so desperately needed to help solve the 2nd half of the riddle "As Above, so Below. As Below, so Above". The pursuit of science to breech the boundary between Consciousness and the Manifest. This has traditionally been delegated  to the Philosophers, Epistemologists, Ontologists, Metaphysicists and Metamathematicians. For the first time in recorded history we have the means to do this job in complete detail. We rely on the ancient authorities and the completely new explorations and discoveries. That is a key pursuit within our site. It is also the key challenge for this 21st Century.

(Science) Back to the FAQ: The below illustrates the broad scope of our definitions in the FAQ, We use the definitions and words in the FAQ because they seem to convey the broader scope of the field.

From “What is Theosophy” in the FAQ

1. Divine/Human/Nature Triangle: The Theosophist explores the interactions, dependencies and invisible correlations between the Divine/Human/Nature. Understanding this reality is their primary pursuit.

This is exactly what we are doing here. We are trying to understand reality as a union of Nature with Human thought/consciousness by bridging the understanding of the Divine realms of Being-ness and Nature.

2. Primacy of the Mythic: Myths abound in and among cultures. These myths are stories rich with symbolisms and synchronicities pertaining to the Divine/Human/Nature. A Theosophist uses his creative (imaginal) abilities to connect and learn about these relationships and their meanings.

True Scientists are inherently inclined to imaginally examine Nature and create Myths (theories) of nature, built using Symbols, to connect and learn about the relationships and their higher meanings.

3. Access to the Divine: The Theosophist uses an active, creative mind as an instrument to explore the intuitive relationships between the Divine/Human/Nature. The active imagination gives the human mind direct access to the Divine, enabling Gnosis to occur and illuminating the human mind into experiences of higher mental states.

The Imaginal Nature within Man/Humans gives us direct insights to explore relationships between our own Divinities within Nature by using the Human mind as a bridge between them. This gives us a better, or alternative, access to the Divine. We are actually performing the connections to explore the second half of the Emerald table’s “As below, so Above.”  This is performed by taking the external world and working down to its lowest nature to combine with the “Mind” and hence lead us to understand the Divine through approaching from the below.


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