After writing about Noah's Ark, Manu, the Zodiac and the 9/0 number system, Joe sent me some info about the Nation of Islam's (NOI's) Mother Ship/Mother Plane prophecy, thinking their may be some connection between that and the Mother Ship I was writing about (i.e. the 360 degree matrix of time and space). The connection is that the Mother Ship prophecy is based on Ezekiel's vision of a wheel/wheels in the sky. Though NOI has imagined Ezekiel's wheel to be a UFO, it is another misunderstood reference/description of the zodiac in sacred texts we have inherited from our ancestors. I have written about this (and posted two related Youtube Videos) on Circumsolatious blog. Please see LINK.

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Your design of the 360 degrees is similar to the Kamea of Saturn, which has nine parts, using just the first nine numbers.  It is also the miniature of the Universal Mathematical Matrix.  This is the origin of Astrology.  Saturn as you know is ruled by Capricorn as is the first chapter of Genesis.


I agree with you that Noah's Ark is but a mythological story; however, it measurements in the sacred scriptures coincide perfectly to the Ark of the Covenant.  They uses different lengths, widts and heights but the ratio from one to another is precisely the same (casting out nine).  Also both the Ark of Covenant and Noah's Ark originated their mathematical structure from the first word of Genesis: BERESHITH, which has six Hebrew letters but extrapolate out to ten creating the Genesis Formula.  It is this 6/4 pattern that gives the prophets the authority to write the text concerning the Ark of the Covenant and Noah's Ark.  Thus the Kamea of Saturn is that pattern.


The reason that Noah's Ark talks about saving the animals of the world: the stories depicting the animals saved by twos and sevens is because these two numbers in the Universal Mathematical Matrix have the same format but in reverse.  The numbers two and seven represent Venus in Astrology and the Bishop in the game of Chess and it represent the EARTH TRIPLICITIES in Astrology: hence the saving of the animals.  If you look at the structure of Noah's family on that Ark you will notice that it fits perfectly with the development of the I Ching in China from the Lo Shu (Kamea of Saturn): Father and Mother, three sons and three daughters.  That is no coincidence seeing that the Lo Shu in Asia  is called the Kamea of Saturn in Western Civilization  You will also see the design of the Kamea of Saturn in John's Revelation concerning the mathematical structure of the New Jerusalem.  In fact the streets we live on world wide, in real time, is the Universal Mathematical Matrix concretized: the New Jerusalem and we have no idea that we build our cities instinctively similar to the bee building the hive and the spider the web.  However, these matrices are the foundation of Astrology.  Astrology was not invented rather it is a gift from the empyrean: spiritual law: God.


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